Orion Christopher Noth- Truth About Chris Noth Son

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Orion Christopher Noth- Truth About Chris Noth Son

Orion Christopher Noth is the son of American actor Chris Noth

His mother's name is Tara Wilson. He has a younger brother named Keats

He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Married Life Of Orion's Father, Chris

Chris is currently a married man. He is married to Tara Lynn Wilson, a Canadian actress

The couple tied a knot in 2012. They had their marriage ceremony held in Maui, Hawaii. They have an age gap of 27 years.

Chris has two sons with Tara. His older son, Orion was born before their marriage. Their second child Keats was born in 2020.

Orion Christopher Noth brother Keats
Orion Christopher Noth brother Keats  Source: Instagram

Before getting into a relationship with Tara, Chris dated his co-star. 

He was previously in a relationship with his co-actor Carrie Bradshaw in 1998. They dated for six years. 

How Did Chris Meet His Wife?

Chris met his love of life back in 2001. At that time, his partner Tara was working in The Cutting Room as a bartender

In 2009 they went on a business trip together where they got a chance to know about each other clearly, after that they decided to spend the rest of their life together. 

They got engaged in the same year, 2009

Despite having 27 years gap, they both knew that they were perfect for each other.

Orion Christopher Noth Parents Chris Noth and Tara Wilson
Orion Christopher Noth Parents Chris Noth and Tara Wilson  Source: Instagram 

About Chris Noth 

Chris is an American actor born on November 13, 1954. His full name is Christopher David Noth

He was born to his mom Jeanne Parr and dad Charles James Noth and was raised in Madison, Wisconsin

Chris is one who started his acting career at an early age. At the start of his career, he played small roles in the movies. 

He is well known for his role in Sex and the City series. He has earned success and fame in the entertainment industry.

Chris Noth with his son Orion Christopher Noth
Chris Noth with his son Orion Christopher Noth  Source: Instagram 

Chris Noth Is Still Known As Sex Symbol

Chris Noth gave an interview to The Better Show in 2014. There he talked about his show, his looks, and his cutting room. 

Chris started by talking about his looks. The interviewer revealed that he is known as the sex symbol in the industry as he was one of the characters in the series Sex and the City

But he denied that and said that he had been away from the series for quite a time and he is not like the previous one. 

In addition, he revealed that his fan and followers often tell him that he looks great in person than in movies.

It makes him both happy and sad. Also, he said that when he watches himself in some show, some side of the face looks like the cows. 

The interviewer disagreed with this statement. When the interview was taken, Chris was working on the series where he played a politician's character. 

He also seemed to post about political status and his views on his Twitter account. 

He revealed that he is not much of a social media person when asked about it. He expressed that he only uses Twitter for promotional stuff and some important works. 

He said that he gave some views on the current government about his political tweets. 

He said that the elected person should be offering to the people and be honest and have honest plans. 

He also talked about his music bar named cutting room, located beside a Korean Town in New York

He revealed that the bar was initially opened on a small scale a long time ago, and now he had made it larger and more fun.

Allegation ended Chris's career 

Chris is a well-known actor in the acting industry. He is well known for his role in Sex and The City as Mr. Big

Many people loved his character, but unfortunately, his career was in danger. Chris was accused by two women of sexually assaulting them. 

At the time of his series premiere, two women came forward and claimed that Chris had harassed them in 2005 and 2015. 

After that accusation, many other women came forward and told that Chris had molested him. In Sex and The City, his character Mr. Big was killed, which was a shocking twist for his fans. 

His character in that show was ended because of his molestation accusation, and those accusations have also affected Chris's married life. 

The accusations made by women made him the headline of the news, and he was portrayed negatively. 

During his second accusation, Chris was married, and the victim reported that Chris told her that marriage is a shame. 

She was crying when he molested her and told her about monogamy not being real. 

After that two accusations, another woman opened up that Chris misbehaved with her in 2010, and at that time, she was just 18 years old

After all these accusations, Chris said he was innocent and hadn't done such things to those women. 

He completely denied the allegation made by the women. He said that he didn't cross his boundries and that the accusation made to him was fake. 

After that statement, many actresses who had worked with Chris came up and told them that Chris misbehaved with them. 

One actress said that she was happy that Chris's true face came in front; she said he came on the set being drunk and tried to molest her. 

Many others joined and shared their stories. His molestation case has put his career in danger. 

Chris Noth's Talk About His Mother

Chris gave an interview to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he talked about NYC, where he started his career and many more. 

He compared NYC before now, saying that nothing is the same as before. 

He opened up that his career started in NYC, but now he spends his half of time in Los Angles, and his son also goes to the school there, but instead of him living and spending time over Los Angles, he was unable to deal with LA. 

To live in LA, one must learn how to live over there. The interviewer asked Chris about his show Sex and The City, and they had some hilarious conversations. 

After that, the interviewer was curious about Chris's late mother. Chris's mom passed away in 2016, the same year he gave this interview. She was 92 years old when she took her last breath. 

Chris's mom worked for CBS as the first female correspondent for CBS News. She also had her show named The Jeanne Parr Show. 

At first, Chris didn't care that his mother was such a great reporter. After his father's death, many men followed his mother because they fell in love with her. 

He said that his mom was a very ambitious and beautiful look too. He never realized his mother was the pioneer at that time, and he had no idea how hard it was for his mother to do that job. 

But when he understood that, he felt very proud of her.

Then Chris started talking about his new movie "White Girl." That movie was all about an adventurous girl, and she puts herself in a problem. In that movie, the New York City is shown completely different. 


Orion was born in the year 2008 and is currently 13 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Chris is $16 Million. His source of income is acting.

The average income of actors is $40,860 per year.

Orion's Father Had An Injury

In 2015, Orion's father, Chris, suffered an injury that made him difficult to walk without support. 

He is now in his 60s, and six years back, he was spotted walking in the street by supporting his legs. 

It was known that the actor had a knee injury which created discomfort in walking. 

He had to go through knee surgery because of his knee problem.

Chris Noth Accused of Molesting Two Women

Chris has been accused of harassing women. He was accused by two women. 

Women named Lily and Zoe have opened up that they were sexually assaulted by Chris

On the other hand, Chris denied that accusation saying that he hasn't done anything and all of those allegations against him were fake. 

He did agree that he knew those women as he had met them three decades back and assured that he did nothing wrong with those women.

Chris's Co-Stars Went Against Him

Chris is popularly known for his role in Sex in the City. Two women alleged Chris for sexually assaulting, which ruined his image. 

He is very close to his co-stars of Sex and the City. But that allegation kept his co-actors against him. 

His co-actress Parker, Nixon, and Davis didn't support him in that case. They stood for those women who were a victim. 

All of them showed and appreciated the women who accused Chris

Although he was assured that he was not guilty, none of them came forward and supported him, which was bad for him.

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