Oscar Adrian Bergoglio-Tragedy Of Pope Francis Brother

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Oscar Adrian Bergoglio was famous as the brother of Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, The Bishop of Rome, and the Sovereign of the Vatican City

Pope Francis was born George Mario Bergoglio

Oscar Adrian Bergoglio with his brother, Pope Francis.
Oscar Adrian Bergoglio with his brother, Pope Francis. Source: Pinterest

About Oscar Family

Oscar was born to his parents, Mario Jose Bergoglio(1908-1959  and Regina Maria Sivori(1911-1981). 

He was born after his elder brother Pope Francis and was the second eldest of his parents' five children. 

His only living siblings are his elder brother Pope and youngest sister Maria Elena Bergoglio. 

Family of Oscar Adrian Bergoglio.
Family of Oscar Adrian Bergoglio. Source: Aleteia

Age And Net Worth

Oscar was born on January 30, 1938. His brother has a net worth of 16 million dollars.

Pope Francis Lied To His Parents

Maria, during an interview back in 2013, revealed that her brother committed a little sin by lying about his true vocation to their parents when he was young. 

She expressed that she never expected her brother to be Pope. However, her brother fulfilled his duties with more responsibilities and was always inclined towards serving the poor and the most marginalized.  

She further said that he lied about his true vocation to his parents. 

According to her, her brother, at age 21, had already started working as a chemical technician and was working in a medical laboratory. 

At 21, he decided to change his vocation but initially told their parents that he had planned to study at the medical school, and their parents agreed. 

One day, their mother went to his room on the top floor, where he had cloistered himself. 

She only found theology and Latin books in his room, after which she confronted her son and asked why he lied to her.

In his reply, he said he had not lied to her and would study medicine but of the soul, Maria recalled. 

In an interview with CNN, she told CNN that she initially prayed for her brother not to be elected because she didn't want her brother to leave. 

She almost died when she heard the news from her son, but her brother consoled her by saying not to worry and reassuring her he was well.

Maria also said that Pope and Oscar were good among her siblings, but others were terrible.

Oscar Adrian Bergoglio's brother, Pope Francis.
Oscar Adrian Bergoglio's brother, Pope Francis. Source: Pinterest

Pope Was In Love With A Woman Before 

Maria, in an interview, revealed that her brother was in love with a girl, and she was in love with him too, but he had to choose between the love of a woman and his love of God

She said the group celebrated the first day of Spring in September. Before joining others, he went to the church to pray to the Virgin Mary and felt something. 

He said at the time that he was staying to talk to the priest, and from that time onwards never spoke to the girl again. 

Maria said the religious vocation came from their religiously based household. 

Their parents instilled in them to embrace the faith from birth, and they followed their example. As for Pope, it is a calling, she said.

Pope Is In Good Spirits After Suffering From A Respiratory Infection

Pope was diagnosed with respiration infection after being rushed to the hospital a few hours after attending his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square

President Biden, who is Catholic faith calls Pope his dear friend and asks to pray for his dear friend.

After spending a few days at the hospital, he left the hospital as he joked he was still alive. 

When asked how he felt while coming out of the hospital, he recalled an older man going through the same situation, saying he didn't see death but saw it coming. It's ugly, the older man said to him.

When Pope was young, he suffered from severe pneumonia that led him to remove part of his lung. 

He also underwent significant intestinal surgery in 2021, removing part of his left colon.

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