Oscar Griffiths

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Oscar Griffiths

Oscar Griffiths is the son of American actress Gillian Anderson. His father's name is Mark Griffiths

He has a brother and a half-sister. He is an American citizen. 

Parents of Oscar Griffiths
Parents of Oscar Griffiths   Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status of Gillian Anderson 

Gillian was in a relationship with Clyde Klotz previously. They both got married in 1994.

In the same year, the couple had their first daughter named Piper Maru Klotz.

After three years of their marriage, they ended their marriage life. 

Anderson then dated Julian Ozanne and got married to him in 2004. They were married for two years. 

Gillian then got into a relationship with Mark Griffiths

She has two sons with him, Oscar and Felix Griffiths. But their relationship didn't worked out so they parted ways in 2012. 

In 2016, she dated Peter Morgan. She was with him for four years. In 2020, she broke up with him.

Anderson is a bisexual. She has also dated some women. She was also in a relationship a woman she met in college. As of 2021, she is single and happily living with her children.

Oscar Griffiths mother Gillian flaunting in red
Oscar Griffiths mother Gillian flaunting in red  Source: Instagram 

About Mother Gillian Anderson 

Gillian's full name is Gillian Leigh Anderson, an American actress born on August 9, 1968.

She was born to Alyce Lane and Edward Anderson III. She started her acting career back in the 1990s when she was 22 years old. 

She played in a play at the starting of her acting career. She is well known for her role in the Netflix series Sex Education

She has appeared in many movies and series. Her movies are Shadow Dancer, The Mighty Cell and The X: Flies

She is a very talented actress who has earned lots of success in her life. 

She had been married two times and has three children with two different partners. 


Oscar was born in 2006 and is currently 15 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Gillian is $40 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

The yearly income of an actress is estimated to be $218,000

Oscar Griffith's Mother Got Into An Accident

Oscar's mother, Gillian, was in her £1.4 million Notting Hill house in July 2003 when she suddenly fell off of a ladder and injured her back. 

She was then taken by ambulance into Cromwell hospital immediately. She was laid down on a stretcher and was examined. 

Her X-ray was taken, and it was found that she was seriously injured. 

She was then admitted to the hospital. Her friends and family later arrived as they got her news.

Gillian Anderson Quits Wearing A Bra

On 2021 July 13, Gillian came live on her Instagram. 

She was answering her fan's questions, and during the QnA session, she revealed that she was not going to wear a bra from time onwards. 

She openly said she wouldn't be wearing a bra even if her breasts lie down. She shared a common problem of a woman who wears a bra. 

She said that a bra is too uncomfortable for a woman. Bra not only makes a woman uncomfortable but leaves a mark below their breast. 

Bra strap also causes a lot of problems for women. Hence she announced that she was never going to wear a bra. 

Her fans also supported her statement and her thoughts.

Gillian Anderson Broke Her Leg Just Before BAFTA TV Awards

Gillian came out on the BAFTA TV Awards with crutches, which surprised her fans, media, and people around her. 

Later, when asked about her injury, she revealed that she broke her leg as she jumped off in the swimming pool. 

She was in Costa Rica for her holidays. She decided to go swimming at the time. 

She thought that the water was deep enough to jump on. Hence she decided to jump. 

Unfortunately, the water was not too deep, and she had fractured on her leg. 

According to her, her situation would have been even worse, as there was enough water to make her less injured.

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