Ozzie James Greenfield - Who Is Max Greenfield Son?

by Manisha Tue Jul 25 2023 Updated On Fri Mar 08 2024
Ozzie James Greenfield - Who Is Max Greenfield Son?

Ozzie James Greenfield is the son of actor Max Greenfield. He has an elder sister named Lilly. He was born on August 24, 2015

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Ozzie James Greenfield and his father, Max Greenfield.
Ozzie James Greenfield and his father, Max Greenfield. Source: Instagram

Married life

His father, Max Greenfield, is happily married to his mother, Tess Sanchez. His mother is a former Executive Vice President of casting for Fox Broadcasting

His parents got married back in 2008. They welcomed their first baby in 2009, and now they are parents to their two beautiful children.

Family of Ozzie James Greenfield.
Family of Ozzie James Greenfield. Source: Instagram


Ozzie James Greenfield is eight years old

Net worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Max is a TikTok star

Max shared that his daughter had asked him to make TikTok videos with her for a very long time. So, in 2022, he joined TikTok. 

He said his daughter and her friends bullied him and convinced Max to make TikTok, and his wife told him to do whatever the girl asked him to do. 

They set up the phone, and they all stood behind the phone, and he danced in front of them. 

He thought he would be done in one shot, but he had to take many shots, as his daughter didn’t approve of it until it was good. 

They posted it on TikTok and waited for the views to come. He got 10 million views in his first TikTok video. 

He said people were really happy that he was on TikTok. He said he felt good about it, but now he feels a bit weird. 

He said he had done it once, but he would never do that again. He said he did not belong in that world.

Max hosted Bangsgiving

Max hosted a party for Thanksgiving. He wanted people to come to his party. 

A poster of him was put all over West Hollywood of his Bangsgiving party. He was shirtless in that poster. 

He said his wife didn’t approve of the picture they had chosen as she didn't think it was very flattering, so they ended up with that picture. 

Max passed the referee test

Max has never played soccer in his life, and he knows nothing about the game. 

He took a lot of online courses and also attended four-hour-long seminars. 

He wanted to be the referee for his child's team as his daughter used to play football for a young kid club. 

Even though he was unqualified to be a referee, he took the exam. 

He said that he was 100 percent sure that he was going to fail the test, but to his surprise, he passed it. 

He could not believe that he had actually become a referee. He said he did that in a fun way, but later, he realized so many were supporting him to be a referee. 

He felt good about it. He had zero experience as the referee. 

He shared that he had been refereeing for weeks, and kids, while playing, said that other kids were breaking the rules, but he had no idea about soccer rules. 

Max almost quit his acting career

Max revealed that he was almost done with acting before he got a role in New Girl

He said he didn’t have any backup plans, and he was figuring out to do something else. 

He said he decided to quit after giving a couple of auditions. He went to give an audition and they liked it and let him go. 

He called his agent, and his agent also said that they liked him. 

Two days later, he went for the same audition for the same show and got the same response as his first. 

By then, he was like I am really done with acting. Next week he had to audition for New Girl, and he got the role, and that changed his life and career. 

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