Who Is Padraic Terrence Duffy? Son Of Patrick Duffy

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Who Is Padraic Terrence Duffy? Son Of Patrick Duffy

Padraic Terrence is the eldest son of American actor and director Patrick Duffy. Padraic himself is an actor and writer. He is known for his works “Me, You, a Bag and Bamboo” and “Dallas”. 

He was born in the year 1974. His mom’s name was Carlyn Rosser

He is an American citizen by nationality.

Parents of Patrick Duffy.
Parents of Patrick Duffy. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Padraic is married to his wife, Emily Kosoki. He tied the knot with Emily back in 2009

They have already celebrated a decade as husband and wife. They are parents to two children. 

Padraic Terrence's wife and their children.
Padraic Terrence's wife and their children. Source: Facebook

Age And Net Worth

Padraic is 49 years old. He has a net worth of $2 Million. His source of income is acting and writing. 

Padraic’s Dad Feels His Mom’s Spirit

Padraic lost his mom, Carlyn, in 2017

His mom, Carlyn, and dad, Patrick, shared a great life, and Carlyn‘s death affected Patrick and the whole family a lot. 

Patrick revealed that he still feels his wife’s warm spirit with him. 

Even though it’s been years since Carlyn passed, he still feels she is always with him. 

He is also trying his best to live up to Carlyn’s expectations and live to the fullest. 

Although Carlyn is not with him physically, he carries her in his heart and will do so consistently. 

Since his wife’s death, Patrick has spent more time with his kids and grandkids. 

Padraic Terrence with his father, Patrick Duffy.
Padraic Terrence with his father, Patrick Duffy. Source: Pinterest

Patrick Mistakenly Dropped The "L" Word To Linda Purl

Patrick was married to his wife Carlyn for decades, and even after her death, he loved her a lot. 

However, Patrick has found an unexpected lover and is now in a happy relationship. Patrick is currently dating Linda Purl, an actress. 

They have known each other for about five decades now, but they went separate ways after TV and lived their life until 2020. They got to reconnect with each other through their mutual friend. 

Patrick started texting Linda, and they started getting close virtually. 

In 2020, because of the lockdown, like everyone, they were also isolated, so both of them started sharing about them and slowly doing zoom calls. 

They would talk and hear music in Zoom, and one day, Patrick mistakenly told Linda I Love You, and their love life started.

Patrick Was Happy To Be Back In Dallas

Patrick is famously known for his role in Dallas TV series. 

He played the role of Bobby in the series and had a great time working on the series. 

He met Linda Gray and Hagman on the Dallas set, who co-starred with him on the show. 

It was back in 1978 when he met those wonderful people, and has been friends since then. 

They had fun working together, but sadly, in 1991, the show got canceled, and the trio got apart. 

They wanted to work together, but no one hired all three in a show together. 

But luckily, in 2012, they got to be part of the Dallas series again, and all of them felt so fortunate for that. 

Patrick and the two other actors decided that if one said no to doing the show, then none would be part of 2012 Dallas

But they all were so thrilled to work together that it didn’t take them long to agree to do the show. 

Patrick’s Parents Got Killed

Patrick lost his mom and dad on the same day. 

In 1986, when Patrick’s career was rising and everything in his life was getting good, he got the bad news of his parent’s death. 

Two young boys killed his mom, Marie, and dad, Terence.

His parents were owners of a bar in Montana when two teenagers walked inside the bar and killed them brutally. 

Kenneth Miller and Sean Wentz were 19-year-old boys who got kicked out of the bar by Patrick’s dad. 

They got out, went elsewhere, returned drunk in Patrick’s parent's bar, and shot his mom and dad with the gun. 

Losing both parents simultaneously was a big tragedy for Patrick, and he was pretty affected by their death.

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