Who Is Paik Seung-ho Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Manisha Thu Nov 03 2022 Updated On Thu Nov 24 2022
Who Is Paik Seung-ho Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Paik Seung-ho is a professional footballer from South Korea, and he plays for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and the national team of Korea.

He was born in Seoul to his parents, Paik il-Yeong and Kim Mi-hee.

His father also has an athletic background, as he was an athletic professor at Seoul National University

So while growing up, he got huge support from his parents to pursue his career in sports. 

Paik Seung-ho during the match.
Paik Seung-ho during the match. Source: Instagram

Is Paik Married?

Paik is not married and does not have a wife yet. In fact, he is not dating anyone. He is a single man. 

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He is focused on his career. He has not shared anything related to his personal life. 

On his Instagram also, he is seen spending time with his teammates, friends, and family. 

What Does Paik Do Before Entering The Stadium?

Paik likes to pray before playing. He shared that he prays to his lord Buddha as his religion is Buddhism

He said that he also prayed to his grandfather as his grandfather supported him throughout his football journey and helped him. 

He added he always prays for a good game.

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Paik is 25 years old. He is 1.80 m tall. He weighs around 68 kg.

Net Worth

Paik's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Paik Tries To Be Positive During Hard Times

Paik said there had been a situation in his life when he was tired and almost gave up. 

But he motivates himself and remembers his family and those who supported him. 

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He imagines the future will be happier if he deals with hardship. So he overcomes the worse situation with self-motivation. 

He added no one couldn’t change the situation no matter how hard he tried, so he faced the problems with positivity. 

He said he tried to get out of the situation as soon as possible. 

Paik Didn't Miss Korean Food When He Was In German

Paik moved to German after he signed a three-year deal with Darmstadt 98

In an interview, he said he didn't miss any Korean food when he was living in Germany because he brought his mum with him, and she used to cook Korean food for him at home. 

But he missed eating Gopchang. 

He said that he showed a photo of Gopchang to his teammates and everyone was shocked to see that dish as they had never seen such a dish before.

How Does Paik Handle Stress?

When Paik has a lot of stress and problem, he listens to his friends and seeks good advice. 

He said that listening to good music is also a way of releasing his stress. 

He said he keeps looking for a good song, and when stressed out, he listens to those songs repeatedly. 

Music makes him calm and refreshed. He said music helped him get relief from his stress and come to pitch with more energy. 

He said he doesn’t overthink things, diverts his mind in another direction, and stays away from bad thoughts. 

He said he tries to keep his full focus and concentration on his game rather than thinking about other stuff.

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