Paloma Jimenez

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Paloma Jimenez

Paloma Jimenez is the partner of a famous American actor and filmmaker, Vin Diesel

Her real name is Karla Paloma Jimenez DenagustinPaloma herself is a Mexican actress and a model

She has three children with Vin

She is a Mexican citizen by her nationality.

Relationship Status Of Vin Diesel 

The famous actor Vin was in a relationship with Michelle Rodriguez previously. 

In 2001 they both got into a relationship with each other. Vin and Michelle both worked as co-stars in Fast and Furious

After sometimes the pair started liking each other and began dating but their relationship didn’t last long.

After that, he began dating to Paloma, a well-known Mexican model in 2007

They welcomed their first child, Hania Riley, just a year after dating. They welcomed their second child, Vincent Sinclair in 2010

In 2015, their third child arrived in this world. 

Vin named his daughter in the name of Paul Walker. They are together for fourteen years and still counting more.

Vin with his wife
Vin with his wife  Source: Instagram 

About Vin Diesel

Vin is an actor and filmmaker born on 18 July 1967. He was named Mark Sinclair by his parents. 

He is known as Vin Diesel professionally. He also has a fraternal twin brother with whom his mother and stepfather raised him. 

He had gone through many struggles at the beginning of his acting career. He started acting when he was too young. 

Vin is popularly famous for he role-play as Dominic Toretto in the movie Fast and Furious

Vin has played many films in his acting career. 

As of now, he is recognized as one of the highest-paid and talented actors who have won millions of hearts. 

Due to his outstanding performance, he has won many awards. 


Her husband is 54 years old.

Net worth

Vin's net worth is $225 Million, making him one of the richest actors. 

His source of income is professional acting and filmmaking. He earns $20 Million for his per movie.

Why Does Paloma's Husband Keep Their Daughter's Name, Pauline?

Paloma has three children with Vin. They have two daughters and a son. 

Their first daughter is Hania Riley, and their second son is Vincent. Paloma's husband named her youngest daughter Pauline

They announced their daughter's name through social media as soon as she was born. 

As her husband was a very close friend of Paul Walker, his sudden death caused huge emotional damage. He died due to a car crash.

Her husband was only thinking about his friend Paul all the time. 

So as soon as Paloma gave birth to her third daughter, her husband named her Pauline in honor of his friend Paul

Her husband thought that her daughter's name was the only way to keep his friend near him. 

Her daughter's name will always remind her husband about his gone friend Paul, and he will be able to keep Paul close. 

Family of Paloma Jimenez
Family of Paloma Jimenez    Source: Instagram

Paloma Was About To Leave Vin

Paloma and Vin had been together for more than ten years. 

They are one of the most attractive couples who seem to have a perfect relationship as they have completed many years together. 

But things are not always like how other people see. 

In 2016, there were gossips about Paloma ending her relationship with her husband, Vin

In 2016 there were many rumors that Vin was having an extramarital affair with another woman. This news was all over in that year. 

After Paloma heard about her husband having an affair with another woman, she was very hurt. 

She was on the verge of leaving him and moving on to her modeling career. But later, Vin convinced her and saved their relationship. 

Does Vin Hate To Lose In A Movie?

The movie Fast and Furious had many talented and experienced actors. 

It had actors like Vin, Dwayne and Jason for their lead role play. They all are talented and hardworking too. 

They didn't want to see them losing against anyone. 

All the actors signed in that movie are of the same level, and they all carried the attitude of not losing. 

They are always best at what they do and wants to be their favorite character. 

So all of them signed the contract with the production house in which it was mentioned that they all are tuff character lead characters in the movie. 

They all, including Vin, want to be leading strong, muscular and badass characters stronger than anyone else.

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