Who Is Pam Cline? Mother Of Madelyn Cline

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Who Is Pam Cline? Mother Of Madelyn Cline

Pam Cline is the mother of Madelyn Cline, an American actress and model. She is a real estate agent professionally. 

She's married to Mark Cline, an engineer. She is a mom to two children: a son named Brett and a daughter named Madelyn. 

She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Pam Cline's husband and daughter.
Pam Cline's husband and daughter. Source: Pinterest

About Pam's Daughter Madelyn

Madelyn is an actress and model. She is known for portraying Sarah Cameron on the Netflix series Outer Banks.

Also she is famous for her role as Whiskey n 2022 movie. Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery. 

She was born in 1997 and was raised by her parents in Goose Creek, USA

Talking about her siblings, she has a brother named Brett.

Married Life Of Madelyn 

Madelyn is not married yet, but she is dating. She is currently in a relationship with Jackson Guthy.

Their rumors of dating started in 2022 after they were seen together many times. 

Their relationship was confirmed when Madelyn talked about her being taken in an interview. 

She didn't reveal anything about her partner precisely, but she said she is pleased in her current love life and loves avoiding the spotlight. 

Previously, in 2020, Madelyn got into a relationship with Chase Strokes. They met on the set of Netflix series Outer Banks season 1

Both of them co-starred in the series, and after some time, they started dating. 

Chase was the one who revealed their relationship as he posted a picture of him with Madelyn enjoying a beach date. 

They dated for a year and then got separated. 

Pam Cline's daughter, Madelyn Cline.
Pam Cline's daughter, Madelyn Cline. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Madelyn is 25 years old. She has a net worth of $800,000. Her source of income is acting. 

Madelyn Doesn’t Know To Cook

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Madelyn revealed that she doesn’t know how to cook. 

She is horrible at cooking and realized that cooking was not for her when she was little. 

She recalled an incident when she nearly blew her mother’s oven. 

She doesn’t like cooking and never does, but when she was young, she tried making cupcakes in her mom’s oven. 

She used cocoa, Swiss Miss, marshmallow for the texture, flour, and vegetable oil to make cupcakes, but she had no idea about using baking powder on the cupcake, and because of that, her mom’s oven got burnt. 

After that, her mom never allowed her in the kitchen, and Madelyn also stopped trying to cook. 

She said that she now can make ramen, and it’s her signature dish.

Madelyn Likes Private And Professional

Madelyn dated her co-star Chase Strokes back in 2020. They met each other on the set of Outer Banks, and shortly after, they started dating. 

Madelyn always liked keeping her personal life private, and even though they started dating each other off-set, she tried to hide it from the public. 

Chase and Madelyn’s characters on screen have great chemistry, and their dating rumors start very soon. 

Both denied it in the interview, saying they were only good friends when dating. Madelyn felt that 2020 was a significant change. 

Her series, quarantine process, dating, everything was new and a significant change for her, so she tried to keep it private and enjoy it. 

She also opened up that Chase and she kept their personal love romance separate from their professional life. 

They were individuals, and she respected the personal boundaries that she and Chase had between them.

Madelyn Starved Herself To Get Perfect Body

Madelyn is known for her appearance in the series Outer Banks. She is a confident and bold actress. 

In an interview, Madelyn opened up about her journey when she struggled with an eating disorder. 

She was in her teenage and had a hard time accepting her body like many other teenagers. 

She had idolized a perfect body, and to achieve that, she destroyed her health. 

She was 16 when she wanted a perfect body so that she would do intense workouts. 

She used to wake up at 5 in the morning and start working out. Despite so many intense workouts, she was not getting the body she wanted, so she got angry and thought about cutting off calories. 

She ate six almonds in the morning as breakfast and didn’t provide the nutrition necessary for her body. 

She was deteriorating her health for the perfect body thing, and it took her a lot of time to accept her own body.

Madelyn Changed Her Hair For The Show 

Madelyn has naturally dark brown hair color. So, in 2020, she changed her hair color for the very first time, and that was for the series Outer Banks.

According to Madelyn, She had never colored or dyed her hair because she was too scared to do so, and another reason was she didn’t want to spend her money. 

But for the shooting of Outer Banks, all her cast mates, including her, changed their hair. 

Her castmates went to the salon and changed their hair according to their desire. 

Madelyn got her hair blond and didn’t like how her hair turned. She got herself Sun In, dipped her hair, and blow-dried. 

Sun made her hair brown, so when she went to the salon the next time, the hairdresser toned her hair down, and that’s how she got the blond look for the series.

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