Pamela Hurt

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Pamela Hurt

Pamela Hurt was the late mother of Bobby Bones, who is an American radio and television personality. 

She was married at a very young age, and at the age of fifteen, she was pregnant. 

Her husband was seventeen years old when she got pregnant. She was an American by her nationality.

About Son Bobby 

Bobby Bones is an American radio and television personality. He was born on 2 April 1980 in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

His mother was pregnant with him at the age of fifteen.  He came from very low-income family background. 

At the age of five, he started dreaming about a radio career. He started working in radio at the age of seventeen

He viewed his radio career as a way of escaping poverty. 

He is best known for hosting his "The Bobby Bones Show" originating at KISS-FM in Austin, TX

He is also known for his role as a full-time mentor in American Idol

Bones won Best Radio Program because of his Bobby Bones Show in 2008.

Pamela Hurt son Booby Bones
Pamela Hurt son Booby Bones   Source: Instagram

Bobby's Internal Injury Caused him to Pee Blood

While Bobby was doing his regular workout, he pushed himself hard to beat his record on his Peloton bike. 

As he continued his usual exercise, being hard on himself, he heard the pop sound from his stomach. 

He didn't care about that sound and started grinding himself to beat his record.  

After the workout session, when he got to the bathroom, he noticed himself peeing blood he had never done before.  

He was not concerned about it as he thought it could be a fluke. 

He went to his doctor immediately after using the bathroom for the second time as he saw him peeing blood again. 

After getting checked by a doctor, he had damaged his internal organs, causing him "hematuria." 

Hematuria is defined as the trauma caused inside our body due to continuous hard work out or training done without any break. 

The doctors insisted he had complete rest for a couple of days as hematuria has the ability of self-healing.

Bobby was fined $1 Million for a Simple Accident

Bobby was covering the Emergency Alert System in October 2014

He mistakenly triggered the EAS system, which was only supposed to be started or activated for a national emergency.

This action of Bone's was not intentional. Although he was locally covering for the 2014 World Series on Fox, it was broadcasted nationally as an emergency due to the EAS system. 

Because of this action, he was fined $ 1 Million in 2015.  

Son Married to Caitlin Estell

Bobby is happily married to her longtime girlfriend, Caitlin Estell. They both met in 2019 on the set of Dancing with Stars

After that, they started talking on Instagram. They started going out with each other, and Bones asked Caitlin to get quarantine together. 

After that, Caitlin moved to Nashville with Bones

Bones proposed Caitlin in the barn in the backyard. They got engaged in October 2020

After that, they married at their home in the Nashville area on Saturday evening on 17 July 2021

They both celebrated their moment together happily.

Pamela Hurt son Bobby Bones with his wife Caitline Estell on their wedding day
Pamela Hurt son Bobby Bones with his wife Caitline Estell on their wedding day  Source: Instagram

Cause of her Death

She was addicted to her drinking habit. She used to drink most of the night heavily. 

The reason for her death was her that addiction problem. She died in October 2014.

Her son was in the middle of his show when he received a call from his sister about her death.

Though the news was devastating, he finished the show. His co-star said that he was crying but didn't leave the show.

His mother and grandmother raised him and his sister. Pamela's husband left her when their son was only five.

Net Worth

Pamela's net worth was unknown, but her son's net worth is $8 Million. His source of income is a radio co-host.

Net WorthSource of income
$8 MillionRadio co-host

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She was born in 1965.
  2. She died at the age of 49 in 2014.
  3. She was a mother of a daughter also, and her name is Amanda Estell.

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