Who Is Pamela Hurts? Mother Of Jalen Hurts

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Who Is Pamela Hurts? Mother Of Jalen Hurts

Pamela Hurts is known as the mother of National Football League player Jalen Hurts who plays as quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

She is married to Averion Hurts. Her husband is a high school football coach, and she is chief of the special services department at Channelview and teaches math and education.

The couple shares three kids' altogether. 

Pamela Hurts's husband and children.
Pamela Hurts's husband and children. Source: Pinterest

Is Jalen Dating Anyone?

Jalen is not dating anyone now; however, he used to date Bry Burrows, whom he met while attending the University of Alabama

They dated each other from 2016 to 2019


Her son Jalen is 23 years old

Net Worth

Her son Jalen's net worth is estimated to be $6 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional NFL player.

 Pamela Hurts's son Jalen Hurts.
 Pamela Hurts's son Jalen Hurts. Source: Instagram

Jalen Shared How He Spent His First Million

In 2020 Jalen was drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed a contract worth $6 million for four years. 

He said that out of a total of 1 million dollars, he spent $165,000. 

He hired a financial advisor to save and manage his money. He shared that he went to the mall in Philadelphia after his first paycheck. 

He revealed that he bought some bomber jackets and Philadelphia gear. He also ate a Philadelphia cheese stick with his first money. 

Jalen Tips On How To Spent Money Wisely

Jalen advised that there are several ways to spend money economically. 

He said when someone gets a lot of money, they invest some in buying a used car or leasing a car rather than buying a luxurious car. 

He said one could make a nice dinner home rather than spend hundreds of dollars in a five-star restaurant. 

His third tip was to switch to an affordable phone plan. He said such a plan works on major networks alike any other brand that allows for saving a lot of money. 

Jalen Always Wanted To Give Back To His Family

Jalen gave $15k to his mother so that she could remodel her house and renovate some rooms, bathrooms, and floors. 

He always wanted to help her with that. He revealed that he loves his parents and that without them, he won't be the same person he is today. 

He was grateful for them. He is also very close to his brother. His brother coaches with his dad in high school. 

He mentioned his older brother had helped go a long way as he grew up watching him play. 

He said that he gave him $1000 as a gift for his wedding. He mentioned that there was his game on his brother's wedding day so he couldn’t attend the ceremony.

Jalen Has Saved Some For His Sister's Education

In an interview, Jalen revealed that he had put aside a certain amount of money for his sister if she was willing to go to college. 

He further added that he had talked about it with his parents and sister. He just wanted to ensure that if she needed money in the future, he would pay for it. 

He wants her sister to do and achieve great things in life. He said she is the smartest among the three siblings. 

Things Jalen Can't Live Without

Jalen loves hot sauce, especially in Louisiana. He likes to smell good. He has a good collection of cologne. 

His favorite cologne is Lafayette Street bond no. 9. 

He is into journaling. He likes to write about things he is grateful for. 

He loves drinking lemon water as it is healthy. 

He should have his durag as he likes to have it on his head while sleeping and chilling.  

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