Who Is Pascale Williams? Daughter Of Marianne Jean-Baptiste

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Who Is Pascale Williams? Daughter Of Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Pascale Williams is the daughter of Marianne Jean-Baptiste. 

Her mother is a popular actress, singer and composer by profession. 

She has a sister. She resides in Los Angeles with her mother, sister and father Evan Williams.

Pascale Williams with her mother Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Pascale Williams with her mother Marianne Jean-Baptiste Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Jean is married to Evan Williams. They exchanged their wedding vows in 1997. 

The couple has been married for more than two decades and is still growing strong. 

They are parents of two beautiful daughters. They currently live in Los Angeles and are happily married.

Pascale Williams's parents Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Evan Williams
Pascale Williams's parents Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Evan Williams Source: Facebook


Jean is 54 years old. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall. She weighs around 65 kg. She is British by nationality.

Net Worth

Marianne has a net worth of $58 million. 

She has managed to earn this fortune from her successful acting career.

Mel Gibson Loved Working With Jean

Jean and Gibson played a movie named Fatman in 2020

In an interview, when Mel was asked about his experience of him working on that project with Marianne. 

He replied that she is a very warm person. He was thrilled to share the screen with her. 

He appreciated her acting skill and had a fantastic experience working with her.

Why Would Jean Never Dare To Step Foot In A Department Store?

She never liked to go to a store during holiday shopping. 

For her, it's like a nightmare because there are too many people with limited store staff. 

She said that they give huge discounts on many products, and she questioned if that product is worth buying and does one knows what they are paying for. 

Holiday shopping is not her cup of tea. 

She shared that she had seen a mother fighting for one iPad bashing somebody else over their head while her son was crying on the news. 

So she would never even dare to step foot in a department store like Dentley and Soper's, especially during the holiday season.

What Drew Jean To Be In The Movie "In Fabric?"

In an interview, she said that she just loved that atmosphere. 

She fell in love with the story writing. She found that story very interesting and refreshing. 

When she read the script, she was like either the movie will be brilliant or it would not work at all. 

But she was sure that she would love the process and it would be interesting to work on something like that. 

She was confident that the role was for her. She was like the role was made for her, not anyone else. 

She did not think about whether the movie will work or not. She just wanted to be a part of that movie.

Jean Is Petrified Of Sale Assistant From The 'In Fabric'

Jean said that if she ever walked into a store and the sales assistant from the movie 'In Fabric' would come out, she would turn around and walk back out. 

She would never buy a dress from her Asher character, which freaked her out. 

She would not imagine her to be in that situation.

Interesting Facts About Marianne

She was the first-ever black British actress nominated for Academy Awards for her outstanding performance in 'Secrets and Lies"

She is not only an ace actor but also a music composer. 

She composed music for Mike Leigh's film Career Girls in 1997.

She got her training from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Her birthday is on 26th April.

She has been nominated for several awards during her career. She grew up in Peckham with her parents. 

She is a god lover, and she has two dogs.

Pascale Williams's mother Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Pascale Williams's mother, Marianne Jean-Baptiste Source: Instagram

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