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Patricia Bosworth is the mother of a famous actress and model, Kate Bosworth. 

She is married to Harold Bosworth, an executive working for Talbots. She is a homemaker

She changed her surname from Potter to Bosworth after marriage. Kate is the single child of Patricia and Harold

Patricia was born in America and is an American citizen.  

Patricia Bosworth with her daughter Kate Bosworth
Patricia Bosworth with her daughter Kate Bosworth  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Kate Bosworth

Kate has dated many men in her life. She had many public relationships as well. She in 2000 dated her costar, Matt Czuchry.

Their relationship was over after a couple of years. After that, Kate dated Ian Somerhalder, an actor, and model.

They also met in the shoot of Young Americans. They dated for a few months in 2002

She then dated Orlando Bloom, a writer, and philosopher, for three years. 

In 2009 she dated a Swedish actor named Alexander. They met on a movie set. They then, after two years, got split in a mutual decision.

After years of breakups and new relationships, Kate then met Michael Polish on the set of Big Sur in 2011

In his first meeting with Kate, Michael said he would marry Kate, and that did happen. 

They dated for a year, got engaged in 2012, and finally got married in August 2013. 

They later separated, which was announced by Bosworth in 2021.

Kate with her husband, Michael
Kate with her husband, Michael  Source: Instagram

About Kate Bosworth

Kate, whose full name is Catherine Ann Bosworth, was born in Los Angeles, California, America, on 2 January 1983

She is the single child of Patricia Bosworth and Harold Bosworth. She was married to Michael Polish in 2013 and separated in 2021

She began her career as a supporting actor in the movie “The Horse Whisperer” because she knew how to ride a horse. 

She then started getting appreciated in 2002 for her movie “Blue Crush” and started getting fame. 

She then appeared in many other movies among which, some of them were not financially successful and some were box office hit.

Kate Didn’t Have A Great Acting Career

Kate was well appreciated for her work as a teen in “Blue Crush” in 2002

She was seen as a rising star back then, and people had expectations from her. She then performed in “Win Date with Tad Hamilton.” 

Her work was nice there, but the audience did not like the overall movie and got flopped. 

She gave a lot of flop movies afterward. People still loved her performance until she appeared in Superman Returns in 2006. 

Her role as a strong reporter was not suiting her, and many people criticized her work. 

After that, she started degrading in her acting career and was not getting work in high-budget movies. 

Somehow she was doing good in modeling that surpassed her acting career.

Family of Patricia Bosworth
Family of Patricia Bosworth  Source: Instagram


Patricia celebrates her birthday on 15 October every year. Her exact age is not available.

Net Worth

Patricia's daughter Kate has a net worth of about $24 Million. Her main source of income is through acting and modeling. 

In America, the average income of an actor is $58,176 annually.

Kate Bosworth Against Sexism

Kate, in 2017 joined the trend of “#MeToo,” which was a trend against sexism. 

Kate, like other women, believed that in Hollywood as well, sexism has been in practice for many decades. 

She thinks that it should be changed. Women are always kept below men and are dominated directly or indirectly. 

She has faced many sexism in her long career and shared her own experience.

Many women were coming in front of the discrimination they faced in the industries. 

Kate said that they were very brave to come out and show the world about their experience and take action for it. 

She felt very proud of it and even appreciated the women. 

Kate herself joined with those brave hearts and helped them in every way possible. 

Kate Violating And Terrifying Rape Scene

Kate was doing a movie named “Straw Dogs.” In that movie, she was working with Alexander Skarsgard

The movie had a rape scene which was between Kate and Alexander. 

Kate asked her costar to act as a sex assault. The scene, when released, had a great response as it looked so real and terrifying. 

The reason for such an excellent execution goes to Kate.

During the shoot of the rape scene, Kate asked Alexander not to hold off and be scared. 

She told him to act violently and to try to be real. Her acting was also perfect, which made the execution even better.

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