Who Is Patricia Brown? Ex-Wife Of Jeff Beck

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Who Is Patricia Brown? Ex-Wife Of Jeff Beck

Patricia Brown is known to the public as the ex-wife of Jeff Beck, a world-renowned guitarist. They were married for four years, from 1963 to 1967.

Patricia Brown's ex-husband, Jeff Beck.
Patricia Brown's ex-husband, Jeff Beck. Source: Instagram

Is Jeff Dating Someone In 2022?

Jeff is happily married to Sandra Cash

They exchanged their wedding vows as husband and wife in 2005.

Sandra is his sixth wife. When they got married, Jeff was 61, and Sandra was 41

They have been married for 17 years, and their relationship is going strong. 

The couple does not share any children.

Jeff Bleck with his wife Sandra Cash.
Jeff Bleck with his wife, Sandra Cash. Source: Pinterest


Her ex-husband Jeff is years 77 old

Net Worth

Jeff's net worth is estimated to be $18 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a guitarist.

He was a guitarist in a band named The Yardbirds. He formed his band named The Jeff Beck Group and others.

He has also earned from his solo performances and musical tours.

Jeff Had No Idea About Electric Guitar 

Jeff said that he was not introduced to the guitar. He had a friend who had a TV set in his house. 

His friend used to let him watch Popeye, and there was a guitar on his sofa with only three strings. 

Jeff used to mess with that guitar always, and his friend asked him that if he wanted to borrow the guitar. He said yes and borrowed the guitar from him. 

Somehow he got the rest of the strings. His friend never asked for it back. Back then, he did not know what electric guitar was. 

He thought that electric guitar was radios, steam irons and cookers. 

He knew what the guitar was but did not hear about the electric guitar. 

Later he found out that it had a wire that pickup, which was amplified. 

He learned that buying an electric guitar was not enough; he had to buy other stuff too. 

Jeff Has A Unique Style Of Playing Guitar

Jeff has a unique ability to imitate a variety of guitar styles.

When he began his career in the 1960s, he used his skills to his advantage. 

In an interview, he said that his style came from years of listening to people to which he was drawn. 

He listened to Hendrix, Eaton and Ravi Shankar. He learned the skills and techniques from them. 

He learned to bend the G string and form a melody. He was also got influenced by Arabic and eastern music. 

Interesting Facts About Beck's Career

In 1965, his friend and fellow session guitarist Jimmy Page recommended him. 

Beck as a replacement for Eric Clapton in the band The Yardbirds.

His time with the band was successful, and they had many hits. 

In 1967 he formed his band members' group called The Jeff Beck Group

The band fell apart after two albums. In 1975, Jeff released his first solo album. 

It was his most commercially successful album. Beatles producer served as Beck's producer and arranger on the record. 

By the time of the early 80s, Beck started performing in a number of benefit concerts with his former Yardbird Eric Clapton and longtime friend Jimmy page

He continued collaborating with other artists throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium. 

Lesser Known Facts About Jeff

His parents are Arnold and Ethel Beck. He was born in Surrey, England

He developed his love for music at a very early age. Jeff had won eight Grammy awards.

He was honored in the Rock and Roll Hall as a solo artist. He became a vegetarian in 1969

His full name is Geoffrey Arnold Beck. He has a brother named Annetta Beck.

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