Who Is Patricia Hawn? Sister Of Goldie Hawn

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Who Is Patricia Hawn? Sister Of Goldie Hawn

Patricia Hawn is the sister of Goldie Hawn, an American actress, dancer, producer, and singer

Patricia As An Author

Patricia is the older sister of Goldie Hawn. She wrote a book named “Good Girls Don't.” 

She launched and discussed her book on March 8. Patricia's book “Good Girls Don't” is about what it is like to be trapped in an unwanted pregnancy. 

The story is about a generation of young women who experienced a life of unwanted pregnancy when abortion was illegal. 

Young girls who got pregnant by their high school boyfriend at a very young age when they didn't know the meaning of pregnancy. 

And the solution to that pregnancy was to send her to relatives' homes to have the baby in secret. 

The story of the book was Patricia's own story. She gave up on the adoption of her infant son on the day he was born. She gave birth to the baby in 1958.

And many years later, she found her baby she had given up when he was just born. The story starts and ends with the adoption story. 

And her imperfect and challenging relationships that bring healing into focus. 

Patricia Hawn's mother and sister.
Patricia Hawn's mother and sister. Source: Pinterest

Parents And Childhood Life

Patricia was born to Laura and Edward Rutledge Hawn. Her father was a musician, and he had a band. 

Her mother owned a jewelry shop and had a dance school. 

Her sister Goldie was born on November 21, 1945, in Washington, D.C., and her brother died in infancy. 

Her parents have mixed ancestry. Her mother was Jewish, and her father was a Presbyterian of German and English Lineage.

 Patricia Hawn's father and sister.
Patricia Hawn's father and sister. Source: Pinterest

She spent her childhood in Takoma Park, Maryland. She is a writer and has written some books. Her sister Goldie is a famous actress

Goldie has been interested in acting since her childhood days. She studied acting to pursue it as a career. 

She studied at American University majoring in drama. But she didn't graduate from the University she dropped out of it without completing her degree. 

She made her stage debut playing protagonist Juliet in the Shakespeare Festival production of “Romeo and Juliet.”

Later on, she started acting in films. And she made her dream come true by becoming an actress in Hollywood.

Patricia Hawn with her sister, Goldie Hawn.
Patricia Hawn with her sister, Goldie Hawn. Source: Pinterest


Patricia was born on March 24, 1938, in Washington, D.C., United States. She is 85 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Her sister Goldie's net worth is estimated at $90 Million.

Goldie's Reason For Not Marrying Kurt Russell

The duo started their love affair on Valentine's Day, 1983, and their relationship is still strong.  

The couple has a son Wyatt Russell. Goldie has other children from her ex-husband Bill Hudson, and the names of her children are Kate and Oliver Hudson. 

Though Goldie and Kurt's relationship is powerful, the duo hasn’t had their marriage yet. 

When she asked why she didn’t marry Kurt Russell, she said that they would have already divorced if she had married Kurt

In her opinion, marriage is a gripping psychological thing. If you need to feel bound to someone, then you should get married. 

But if you want to be free and have good money and like to be independent, then marriage is not a good idea.

And in their case, both want to stay with each other it's a choice, not a necessity. 

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