Who Is Patrick Gunn? Brother Of James Gunn

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Patrick Gunn is the brother of filmmaker and studio executive James Gunn. He is currently serving as a film executive in a media investment firm. 

He has four siblings. His parents are Leota and James F. Gunn.

Patrick Gunn's parents and his brother.
Patrick Gunn's parents and his brother. Source: Pinterest

Married Life

James is happily married to Jennifer Holland. They tied the knot in 2022. They started dating each other in 2015

His wife is an actress. They do not have kids together. James was married to Jenna Fischer from 2000 to 2008

James Gunn with his wife.
James Gunn with his wife. Source: Instagram


His brother James is 57 years old

Net Worth

His brother James's net worth is estimated to be $50 million

James Talked About His Bachelor's Party

James and Michael have been friends for a very long time. Michael shared his stories at James ' bachelor's party, which made everyone emotional. 

In a podcast, James joked that he liked him much more after that night.

James shared that Michael talked about some of his things that made everyone cry. 

James' bachelor's party was not some Hollywood bachelor's party. It was a chill and relaxed party with his friends at a house. 

They ate and shared some of their stories at the party. James said he loved it and wanted his party to be like that.

James Didn't Want To Go To Strip Clubs

James said that he had been to a strip club a long time ago. 

He said he went to Vegas with his friends, and his friends went to a strip club, but he didn’t join them. 

He said he was in a relationship and didn’t want to see anything. He added he didn't have a desire to go there. 

He shared that he is a public figure and gets recognized by people, so he didn’t want to be photographed at a strip club. 

He said he even didn’t prefer a lap dance as he has a woman in his life. 

James Talked About Writing Guardian Of The Galaxy

James is a scriptwriter for the superhero film Guardian of the Galaxy and the director

He writes all the songs and scripts. He said Kevin Feige read his first script, and he found it cute.

James said that the script is the mirror of the movie, and there are many things in scripts that people disagree with. 

He said she drew all the characters while writing the script of Guardians of the Galaxy

He wanted the producers to know their appearance, so he designed cartoons for them. 

He said at the beginning, he had drawn all the characters by himself, but later, some guys helped him draw cartoons. 

James Like Taking Other People's Opinion

James said he didn’t put all his vision into any project. 

He explained that once the project is over, it will either be successful or fail, per the audience and critics' views. 

He said he wanted his project to be successful, so he didn’t use only his expression or ideas in projects. 

He said he was working on a project worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so he didn’t want it to fail. 

He said he likes taking opinions from people he works with and constantly asks people's thoughts on things on set. 

He sat down with his VFX supervisor and asked if he liked it or if they should do it another way. 

He takes advice about shots he directed and asks if he should reshoot them. 

He said it is a part of the filming process for him,the  and he wanted to know what other people say about work.

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