Who Is Patrick Kane Sr.? Father Of Patrick Kane

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Who Is Patrick Kane Sr.? Father Of Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane Sr. is the father of professional ice hockey right winger Patrick Kane for the Detroit Red Wings

He worked as a season ticket holder for the Buffalo Sabres. He is married to Donna Kane

They have four kids: Erica, Patrick, Jessica, and Jacqueline. 

Patrick Kane Sr. and his wife.
Patrick Kane Sr. and his wife. Source: Pinterest

Who Is Son Patrick's Wife?

Patrick does not have a spouse yet as he's not married. But he is in a relationship with Amanda Grahovec

His girlfriend is an interior designer. They have been dating each other for 13 years. They share a son, Patrick Kane III.

Patrick Kane with his partner and their baby.
Patrick Kane with his partner and their baby. Source: Instagram


His son, Patrick, is 35 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 80 kg.

Net Worth

His son, Patrick's net worth is estimated at $28 million

Patrick Kane Sr. and his son Patrick Kane.
Patrick Kane Sr. and his son Patrick Kane. Source: Instagram

Patrick Talked About Joining the Detroit Red Wings

Kane signed a 2.75 million dollar deal with the Detroit Red Wings in November 2023

He shared that they started interviewing with teams interested in him, and he was also curious. 

He said the decision was callous during the process. 

He said it was more difficult for him because he just had his surgery six months back, and he did not know where he might end up playing. 

He said he would think a lot about where he should go, but at the end of the day, his mind and heart were in Detroit for some reason. 

He said they were also interested in him and felt the team was the right fit for him. 

He said he wanted to come to Detroit since he was 14. He said he was happy to be in Red Wings. 

He said he had talked with Steve Yzerman, an executive vice president head coach, and was impressed. 

He said he also had a meeting with the head coach. He said it was a relief that he cleared all his physicals. 

Patrick Talked About His Friendship With Alex Derbincat

Patrick played for the Chicago Blackhawks from 2007 to 2023. Alex was his teammate. 

Patrick and Alex had a lot of success in Chicago. He said Alex is a lovely player and person. 

He said it was always fun to hang around with him. 

He said they were close professionally, but they were good friends off the ice. 

He said he loves his competitiveness and his love and passion for hockey. 

He said the thing that he admired most about him was he was never afraid to tell him what to do on the ice, and they were all cool even if they had some heated argument on the bench. 

He said he has enormous respect for Alex

Patrick Shared About His Surgery Process

Patrick underwent hip surgery in June 2023, which took him six months to recover. 

He shared he tried his best to work hard in rehabilitation. He said he used all his time and energy on himself. 

He said three weeks after the surgery, he was feeling no pain at all. 

He said it was extensive surgery, and the process was for four to six months

He said it was a long time but felt refreshed and better. He said nothing had changed after the surgery. 

He said he could put weight onto the right side, which he could not do a couple of years back. 

He added his agility and lateral movement has gotten better. 

He said there are no changes in his strides, and he does not feel like he is flaring out his hip anymore, and he could fully extend it. 

He said he was ready to return to the ice and play hockey again. 

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