Who Is Patrick Pryce? Son Of Jonathan Pryce

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Patrick Pryce is the son of Jonathan Pryce. He was born in 1983. He has two siblings. His mother is Kate Fahy

Patrick Pryce with his mom.
Patrick Pryce with his mom. Source: Pinterest

Patrick Left His Wife For Kate

Patrick and Kate met thirty-seven years back while working at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre

At that time, both of them were married to their respective partners. 

He revealed two weeks after meeting Kate, he left his wife, and Kate also left her husband. They took their time to get married. 

They tied the knot in 2015. They have three kids altogether.

Parents of Patrick Pryce.
Parents of Patrick Pryce. Source: Pinterest


Patrick is 41 years old.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $16 million

Jonathan Played Pope In A Movie Two Popes

Jonathan played the role of future Pope Francis in the drama film The Two Popes.

Even before he did that movie, everyone said that he looked just like Francis

When asked how he feels about playing Pope, he replied that popes and cardinals are simple. 

He added that the clothes and robes were beautifully cut and made of lovely materials without any bright colors. 

He added he did not have to worry about what to wear the next day. 

He said the movie was initially called The People, but Anthony Hopkins, who played another Pope and his agent, thought the title should be The Two Popes. 

He said he researched about Pope when he started the project. 

He said he was the first Pope in his life that he listened to as he spoke about the church and millions of other people, world issues, the environment, inequality, and how they should live their lives. 

He said he identified with all of these things because of him. So he got the opportunity to play him, and he grabbed it. 

He shared he learned about his movements through YouTube.

He said when people asked him how he rebuilt his character; he answered that he didn’t do anything as he just followed the Pope

He said being People is a lonely job. 

Jonathan Talked About Working With Anthony. 

Jonathan played the role of the Argentinian Pope, and Anthony Hopkins played a German Pope in the 2019 biographical drama film The Two Popes

He revealed the film was initially called The Pope, but Anthony thought that the title should be The Two Popes

He said he worked in a recording studio with Anthony Hopkins 27 years ago

He said at that time, there were two narrators: Anthony was voice number one, and he was voice number two. 

He said after 27 years, he got a call sheet for the next day's filming in Rome, and the character was rated according to its significance in the movie, where he was number one and Anthony was number two. 

He said they became great friends during the movie. 

He said every morning, he greeted him with good morning number one, and he greeted back with morning number two. 

He shared he often sent him emails addressing him as Sir Number Two. 

Jonathan Talked Attending Drama School

Jonathan said formal actors are significant for any actor. 

He said going to drama school has helped him in many ways to shape him as an actor. 

At that time, he disliked the formality of some acting classes, but later, he realized how vital it was. 

He said he had to attend voice, diction, and movement classes every day. 

He said he got ideas about how to do things and how he wanted to perform.

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