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Paul Dugan Irons is the late father of famous British actor Jeremy Irons. He was an accountant by profession. 

He was married to Barbara Anne Brereton Brymer. He was born in England and was an English citizen. 

He and his wife together had three children named Christopher, Felicity Anne, and Jeremy

Son Accident Caused Death of Senior Citizen

In September 1996, Jeremy was driving near his home in Oxfordshire when he crashed with another car. 

He tried to avoid a car crash, but unfortunately, he couldn't. 

He was alone in his car and had no serious damage. He was unharmed during the accident, although his vehicle flipped sideways. 

But there were two people in another car. They were seventy-nine years old man and his wife. 

The wife had no fatal injury and was saved, but the husband had to go through several surgeries and treatment for a month. 

After a month of suffering, the 79-year-old man died.

Jeremy Irons Criticized for his Comments

In 2011, in an interview, Jeremy talked about touching women and said it was not a big deal.

This created a lot of debate, and people criticized him for his thinking and his comment. 

Again in 2013, he spoke against same-sex marriage and said that it would degrade the value of marriage.

And he was criticized for it too. There were a lot of people who got against him and criticized him a lot. 

For this, he felt bad and apologies for his comments. He then spoke in favor of same-sex marriage and also in favor of women's rights in 2020

Jeremy with one of her fan
Jeremy with one of her fan  Source: Twitter

Jeremy also said women themselves are responsible for their sexual harassment.

He claimed that the sexual harassment of popular female celebrities back in the 1970s was because of themselves. 

He said that the women themselves want sexual attention from guys and later blame them for harassment. 

He felt bad for those reputed people who got accused of sexual harassment, even if it was not their fault. 

He also talked about Jimmy Savile, who was accused by a woman, saying that Savile harassed her at one program.

Savile put his hand over her bottom when she was just 15 years old. 

When she denied it, Savile directly said that she was getting what she wanted. 

Jeremy said that keeping hands underneath someone's skirt and touching their thigh may be sexual harassment, but it is not as bad as people think.

Hence he believes that celebrities back in the 70s wanted sexual attention and were responsible for their sexual harassment.   

Age, Height, and Weight

He was born in 1913. He died in 1983 at the age of 70.

Net Worth

As of today, the net worth of Jeremy is $16 Million. His source of income is acting. 

The average annual salary of actors in England is 26,000 pounds.

Relationship Status of Jeremy Irons

Jeremy dated Julie Hallam previously. They both got married in 1969

Their married life didn't sustain for a long time. Hence they divorced in the same year. 

After that, Jeremy got married to Sinead Cusack who is an Irish actress. 

Jeremy met Sinead at a party that they attended back in 1978. At their first meet, he got a slap from Sinead as he mistakenly called her a Siobhan.

Later, they both met at a café. After dating each other for short period, they got married in 1978

Sinead got pregnant with her first son Samuel before getting married, who is now a photographer. 

After seven years, the couple gave birth to their second son in 1985 and named him Maximilian.

Jeremy feels proud of his wife. He finds her more beautiful now than before. 

They have been married to each other from 42 years, and they are still together. 

His wife has been his biggest support from first day of his life.

Jeremy with his wife
Jeremy with his wife  Source: Instagram

About Jeremy Irons

Jeremy's full name Jeremy John Irons is an English actor born on 19 September 1948

His parents are late Paul Dugan Irons and late Barbara Anne Brereton. He was raised with his brother and a sister. 

He started his acting career in 1969. He has played in many films. He is well known for his movies Lolita, Damage, and Margin Call.  

He has also done many charity works in his life. He is married to Sinead Cusack and has two children with her.

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