Paul Khoury

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Paul Khoury

Paul Khoury is the husband of American actress Ashley Greene. Paul himself is a TV personality and voice talent by his profession. 

He also used to be the guitarist for a band named Gravel. He is an Australian-Lebanese citizen. 

Parents of Paul Khoury
Parents of Paul Khoury  Source: Instagram 

Marriage And Wife

Ashley was in a relationship with Joe Jonas previously. They dated back in 2010 for a year and later parted ways. 

After that, she got into a relationship with Gerard Butler for a certain time and later broke up with him. 

Ashley then dated Reeve Carney for a year, and after that, she moved with Ryan Phillip. Their relationship was short-lived. 


Ashley Greene then dated Paul. They started dating each other in 2013. The couple got engaged in 2016

Two years after their engagement, they finally tied their knot in 2018. As of now, they are still married and happily living together. 

They have completed nine years of togetherness and still counting more. 

Paul Khoury with his wife, Ashley
Paul Khoury with his wife, Ashley  Source: Instagram

About Ashley Greene 

Ashley's full name is Ashley Michele Greene is an actress born on February 21, 1987

She was born to Michele Tatum and Joe Greene

She is known for her role in The Twilight Saga film series for playing the role of Alice Cullen

She dragged many audience attention with her stunning acting in that movie series. 

Her other movies are Summer's Blood, A Warrior's Heart and The Apparition. 

Paul Khoury and Ashley Greene on their wedding day
Paul Khoury and Ashley Greene on their wedding day  Source: Instagram 


Paul was born on September 6, 1988, and his current age is 33 years old. Paul's height is five feet and ten inches.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ashley is $8 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

The average earning of the actress is $218,000 per year.

Ashley Greene Scared Of The Spotlight

Ashley was a nobody when she first stepped into the glamour industry. 

She was just a normal person until her movie Twilight

After the movie, she was so popular and turned no one into one of the top actresses. 

It was the best start for her as an actress but what was sad for her was she couldn't handle the spotlight. 

She thinks the movie ruined her. After the movie, she got a lot of projects and worked for working on. 

She always had media running around her, and it was hard for her to manage time for her friend and family. 

She also had a relationship problem as fake rumors spread in the media about celebrities' affairs. 

In all way, she was finding it too difficult and uneasy. She later eventually got a grab of everything and managed accordingly.

Is Ashley Greene Not Seen In Hollywood Anymore?

Ashley earned a lot of name, fame and appreciation from Alice in Twilight.

She became one of the top actresses in just a short amount of time due to the movie. 

But after Twilight, she was barely seen in other movies or as a lead character. As of now, she has nearly vanished. 

It's not that she is not a good actress, but it was because the movie twilight too much excited her. 

She was offered a lot of movies after twilight, and she joined many projects. But full movies of her didn't stand in the box office. 

Her movies were either flopped, unheard or were closed. In the meantime, she also was sued for the cause of fire in her apartment. 

All this made her take a break from the movie, and hence she is not seen cast in movies or any roles. She does do modeling in current days.

Ashley Was Blamed And Cased 

Ashley, in 2013 was living in an apartment in West Hollywood

She was busy then with various projects and was always outdoor when shooting. 

But unfortunately, an accident occurred by Ashley's mistake that destroyed her apartment, killed her dog, and sued the guard and neighbors. 

She mistakenly left the candle near her couch. Due to this, her whole apartment caught on fire. She lost her dog and apartment. 

It took 55 firefighters to control the fire.

Not only that her this mistake kept the building's guard's life at risk and damaged their neighbor's property. 

This is why they sued her for her mistakes.

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