Pauletta Washington

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Pauletta Washington

Pauletta Washington is the wife of American actor, director, and producer Denzel Washington. They together have four children. 

Pauletta is also an actress by profession. She is from America. She is American by her nationality.

Pauletta Washington with her husband, Denzel Washington
Pauletta Washington with her husband, Denzel Washington Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Pauletta  is married to Denzel. They got married on 25 June 1983. They together have four children. 

Their first child was born in 1984, and his name is David who is also an actor

After two years, they gave birth to a daughter, Olivia and after five years, they welcomed twins, Katia, and Malcolm

Since their marriage, they had their up-downs, but they never left each other.

Past Relationships Of Pauletta Washington

Pauletta has not revealed her past relationships; she wants to keep them to herself. 

But her first known relationship was with her now-husband, Denzel

They worked on a project in 1975 and were first introduced. They again met at their common friend party and spoke again

They liked each other but had less interaction. They again met coincidently in a play and got a chance to be close. 

After that, they slowly started dating. 

They went to dating through the cab, and Pauletta paid for it as Denzel didn't have money at that time.

Pauletta Washington with her husband and kid
Pauletta Washington with her husband and kid Source: Instagram

About Pauletta Washington

Pauletta is a famous actress and vocalist born on 28 September 1950

Her father was a principal, and her mother was a teacher in Newton, North California, United States. She has a sister named Rita Pearson

She learned how to play piano and sing at 10. As she grew up, she did musical theatre and sang songs. 

After some recommendations, she tried acting, and since then, she has been famous for her acting. 

She is well known for her work in Philadelphia, Antwone Fisher, and Happy Ever After.

Age, Height, And Weight

She was born on 28 September 1950, and her current age is 71 years old. Her height is 5 feet 10 inches.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Pauletta is $11 Million. Her primary source of income comes as being an actress. 

The average salary of an actress in America is $58,601 annually.

Secret For Their Successful Marriage

Pauletta and Denzel have been married for more than 35 years. 

When asked to Denzel about the life together, he revealed that Pauletta was the heavy lifter. 

She had her work to do, but she always had time for her family and made home a better place to be. 

From taking care of children, protecting them to maintaining the house, Pauletta seems to be perfect at all. 

He also said that there was no secret to a happy marriage. 

It was just the understanding and compatibility that has held their marriage to the date.

Ryan Reynolds Hit Denzel Washington

Denzel was working on the movie Safehouse in 2012. It was an action movie with a lot of stunts. 

He was working beside actor Ryan Reynolds

Both of them carry out most of their stunts by themselves, it was an excellent experience for both of them, and people loved watching the movie. 

But while doing action scenes, Ryan hurt the actor not once but twiceThey were shooting inside a speeding car. While doing so, Ryan smashed his head into Denzel's eyes. 

It was not once but he did the same thing twice. 

He did apologize to Denzel and  there was no severe damage.

Does Denzel Washington Have An injured Finger?

Denzel used to play a lot of football while growing up. Also, he used to do all his stunts that he could do. 

He had dislocated and injured his pinky finger for a long time in those process. 

His pinky finger was separated into upper and lower parts hanging just by flesh and skin. It was an awful thing to happen. 

But later, he fixed it through surgery.

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