Who Is Peggy King? Mother Of Gayle King

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Who Is Peggy King? Mother Of Gayle King

Peggy King is the late mother of American TV personality, author, and broadcast journalist Gayle King.

She was married to her late husband, Scott King. She shared four children, all girls, with Scott.

Peggy died at the age of 60.  She was an American citizen.

About Peggy's Daughter Gayle 

Gayle is a TV personality, author, and broadcast journalist. She is currently working as the co-host in the show King Charles and co-anchor for CBS Mornings

She was born to her parents in the year 1954 and has her birthday on December 28.

Gayle grew up with her four younger sisters. 

Peggy King's daughter Gayle King.
Peggy King's daughter Gayle King. Source: Instagram

Is Gayle Married?

Gayle is currently unmarried and single. 

Previously, she was married to William Bumpus, who is an attorney. They tied the knot in 1982 after dating each other for a year. 

Gayle shares two children, a daughter named Kirby and a son named William Bumpus Jr.

She was married to William for 11 years, and after 11 years of marriage, Gayle got divorced, from William.

She has been single since her first marriage failed. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Gayle is 68 years old. She has a net worth of $40 Million. Her source of income is journalism and writing. 

Family of Gayle King.
Family of Gayle King. Source: Instagram

Peggy's Demise Affected Gayle

Gayle was the oldest daughter of her mom, Peggy, and dad, Scott. Her dad died at the age of 47, and after her father's death, Peggy was Gayle's only parent. 

Gayle and her mom shared a close bond, and in 1994, when Peggy died, Gayle felt like an orphan. 

She had children, was married, and she felt like she had no one despite everything. 

Gayle opened up in one of the interviews, saying that her mom was the only person who listened to everything that happened in her life. 

After her demise, she missed her mom and wanted to hear her voice and talk with her as she did when she was alive. 

Moving on from Peggy's death was hard for him, but her friend, Oprah's words, motivated her to move forward.

Peggy Had A Blind Date

Gayle and Winfrey Oprah have been good friends to each other for a long time. 

Because of Oprah's close bonding with Gayle, she also managed to get close to Gayle's mom Peggy.

Oprah considers Peggy her second mom, and in her show, she opened up that Peggy was the person she could call on at 3 am when she had any problem. 

As she looks at Peggy as her second mom, she used to set up dates for Peggy. 

Peggy was excellent, loving, and more like a mom to Oprah

Oprah found a man named Henry Brown, a single dad, and had his job, and she found him pretty nice for Peggy.

Peggy was also invited to the show, and it was like a surprise blind date for her arranged by her other daughter Oprah. 

Gayle Got A Call From Her Ex-Boyfriend

Gayle and her friend Oprah discussed Gayle's weird date stories on Oprah's show. 

Gayle talked about how her ex-boyfriend approached her after her divorce. 

When Gayle was in high school, she had a guy with whom she broke up, and they hadn't been in touch for more than a decade. 

Her ex-boyfriend called her after she divorced her husband, and he asked Gayle to meet up. 

Gayle agreed to meet him, and Oprah warned Gayle not to invite that guy to her house, which she decided to do. 

She met her ex-boyfriend, they talked, and as her kids were not in the house Gayle invited him to her house. 

They spent the whole weekend together, and it was fun. 

She told everything to Oprah about how she spent her day with her ex-boyfriend but didn't mention her inviting her ex to her house. 

But Oprah found out about it because that guy went to the tabloid and said that Gayle invited him and everything. 

Gayle Got Betrayed

Gayle and her ex-husband William Bumpus were married for 11 years and are parents to two children through their marriage. 

Their marriage ended in 1993, and Gayle was the one who approached for divorce at first, and the reason behind that was Williams’s infidelity. 

Gayle found her husband sleeping with another woman. 

The most betraying part was the woman she found naked with her husband was her friend, and even after getting caught, her so-called friend didn't show any guilt for what she did. 

After catching her husband cheating, she couldn't stay with him, so she filed for divorce. 

Despite that, she got along with her ex-husband to co-parent their children together. 

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