Who Is Penny Adkins? Mother Of Adele

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Who Is Penny Adkins? Mother Of Adele

Penny Adkins is the mother of British singer and songwriter Adele

She was born in 1968 in Islington, England. She got pregnant at the age of 18 with her then-boyfriend Mark Evans. 

Penny denied getting married as she thought that they were too young to be married. 

They two parted ways when their daughter was nine months old. She raised her daughter alone. 

She worked as a furniture maker and did many other side jobs too.

Penny Adkins's ex-boyfriend, Mark Evans.
Penny Adkins's ex-boyfriend, Mark Evans. Source: Pinterest

Is Adele Dating Anyone?

Adele is in a relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. The two were publicly spotted during game 5 of the NBA finals in 2021

After their public appearance, a source confirmed that the two have been seeing each other for a few months. 

In an interview, she said she just wanted to go with him to a game and enjoy it, as she loves being around him. 

She gushed, saying he was great, funny, and intelligent. 

After they made their relationship public, the two were spotted enjoying a date in Los Angeles, and they even went on a romantic trip to Italy.

She also attended the 2023 Superbowl with him. 

Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele.
Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele. Source: Instagram

Married To Simon Konecki

Adele tied the knot to Simon in 2017. They started dating each other in 2011. They welcomed their son Angelo in 2012

They filed for a divorce in 2020 which was finalized in 2021. However, even after the separation, the two are on good terms. 


Her daughter is 34 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter, Adele's net worth is estimated at $220 million

Why Does Adele Disappears After Releasing Her Every Album?

Adele always drops her album, does all promotion things, goes on tour, and vanishes from the spotlight. 

She said it takes a lot of time to recharge and return to things. For example, she said finishing one album takes almost a year. 

She added that she is very private and dislikes sharing or talking about things on camera. 

She said on camera and off camera, she is an entirely different version of herself. She said it is very exhausting to do that. 

Adele opened Up About Her Painful Divorce

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Adele talked about her divorce. Also, Adele dropped her album, named 30, after her last album. 

The inspiration behind the album was her divorce. 

She said that when she was young, she promised herself that when she had her kid, she would settle down with her partner and become a family. 

She added she tried hard to maintain that for a very long time. 

She shared that when answering questions with her friends for a magazine, she was asked what was one thing about her that no one knew. 

She replied that she was unhappy and not living her life, and all her friends were shocked to hear that. 

She said that she was embarrassed that her marriage didn’t work. 

Story Behind Adele's Hit Song Hello

Adele said that she wrote Hello to Greg when they were in London. She shared that at that time; she had a different chorus for the song. 

She added it was not suitable for the verse and song. She so asked to send her the chorus only as an instrumental. 

She hummed the chorus on every part of her house in London. She added it had been written long after she had her baby. 

She revealed her life was completely changed after she became a mother. 

She said it was the inspiration for the song. She mentioned she was talking to her younger self. 

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