Perdita Weeks Workout Routine And Diet In 2 Minutes Read

by Manisha Sat Aug 01 2020 Updated On Wed Mar 23 2022
Perdita Weeks Workout Routine And Diet In 2 Minutes Read

Perdita Weeks, a sensational actress known for her role in Magnum P.I keeps it simple when it comes to diet and her workout routine.

The sensuous beauty has impressive abs and a well-toned figure.

She makes her hobbies do the work for her and does not believe in hitting the gym hard. However, it does not mean she does not follow a strict diet and workout routine.

Diet, Veggie, And Right On Point

She is cautious about what she eats. She has shared pictures of her diet on her Instagram account, and we can say that she knows how to keep it natural and healthy.

She has shared pictures of this diet on her Instagram account on 17th November 2016. The plate serves some boiled tomatoes and broccoli.

It has some potatoes as well with some spinach, it seems.

She has captioned this picture as 


Perdita Weeks Diet
Perdita Weeks Diet. Source: Instagram

Classic Soup For Pet And Coffee For Her 

She loves her car very much, and she loves to take care of her. She has posted this picture of Gourmet Classic Soup for her cat, a very loving lady indeed, and a great owner.

She has posted this picture on her Instagram account on 22nd April 2017. She has captioned it as, 

"My cat's supper is nicer…"

Soup For Perdita Weeks's Cat.
Soup For Perdita Weeks's Cat. Source: Instagram

Room For Caffeine Though

She has room for some hot coffee in her diet, though. Many actors and actresses avoid caffeine, but she is not one of them. 

She loves coffee, and it is an integral part of her daily routine.

She has uploaded this picture of her enjoying a sip of coffee on her Instagram account on 5th May 2019. She has captioned this one as, 

"Send coffee."

Perdita Weeks, A Coffee Lover
Perdita Weeks, A Coffee Lover Source: Instagram

Workout Routine, Burpees, High Knees, And Crunches

She has a very well-toned figure. She has not talked about her workout routine openly, but our experience says that she included a lot of crunches in her workout.

She also does a lot of burpees and high knees. A mixture of abs workouts such as dumbbell crunch and handing leg raise will surely be in her list.

It seems like she does a lot of running as well to get the cardio right.

We also guess that her workout routine has some pushups, planks, and bicycle crunches.

Here is a picture of her well-toned body, which she has uploaded on her Instagram account.

Perdita Weeks Loves Hiking.
Perdita Weeks Loves Hiking. Source: Instagram

Hobbies That Keeps You Fit 

She has a tailored fit for her hobbies, and it has its advantages. Her hobbies refresh her, and not only that, they keep her fit. 

Her two hobbies are hiking and swimming, both very refreshing ones. It also keeps her in shape.

Perdita Weeks Swimming.
Perdita Weeks Swimming. Source: Instagram

Something For Face and Skin

She loves to give time to her skin. She tries different face masks, some daily and some monthly. 

She has uploaded this picture of her face mask on her Instagram account. She is relaxing with a glass of wine in the tub in this one.

She uploaded this picture on 4th May 2020.

Her face mask
Her face mask Source: Instagram

Here is another one from her diary. This one looks like a daily routine, though.

Her Daily Face Mask
Her Daily Face Mask Source: Instagram

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