Who Is Pernille Vennike? Wife Of Jannik Vestergaard

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Who Is Pernille Vennike? Wife Of Jannik Vestergaard

Pernille Vennike is the wife of Danish professional football player Jannik Vestergaard. Her birth place is Brondbyoster, Kobenhavn, Denmark

She is currently living in England with her husband. She is a Danish citizen.

Pernille Vennike with her husband, Jannik Vestergaard on their wedding day. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Jannik is currently married to Pernille. The couple happily tied their knot in 2018.

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They had their marriage ceremony held privately in front of their close ones. Together they have a son who was born a year after their marriage. 

Pernille Vennike with her husband, Jannik Vestergaard.
Pernille Vennike with her husband, Jannik Vestergaard. Source: Instagram

How Did They Meet?

Jannik met his love life very early. Before tying their knot, they dated each other for a long time. 

They have known each other since their teen day, and his wife has supported him throughout his career.

Pernille Vennike's son.
Pernille Vennike's son. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Jannik, is 30 years old. His height is 1.99 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jannik is 15.8 million euros.

Jannik Believes In Better Relationship

Jannik expressed in an interview that relationship is everything while playing football. 

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He thinks a team cannot perform to its fullest if the relationship between the teammates is not on a good page. 

He thinks that strong relationships can improve the play and have a great bonding for any attack and defense. 

In Leicester City, Jannik felt the team had a great relationship with its players. It helped the team to perform well. 

Jannik himself is pleased with the team and feels proud to be part of Leicester.

Jannik Didn’t Give Up

Jannik was just a kid when he started playing football. He loved playing football from the beginning. 

He started as a striker in his childhood career for Copenhagen

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He then started to grow too quickly and corresponded to that. His position also began to change. 

He played in midfield after that. Eventually, he was set to be a defender

He was not offended by what his coach offered him to be, as he loved to play no matter the position.

He was having the growth issue as he grew quickly, affecting his football. 

Due to this, he was left benched. He nearly gave up on playing. 

But he left the club and joined Copenhagen’s rival team, Brandy. He played very well there, and they continued.

Jannik Is Not Romantic 

Jannik gave an interview where he revealed his romance. He expressed that he is not a romantic guy at all. 

He was asked about his romantic date, but he was really confused about to answer.

He remembered when he and his girl went on a dinner date in Monte Carlo. It was a fun and romantic date, according to him. 

Furthermore, they went to a place near Monte Carlo where the whole city could be seen clearly. 

He described it as one of the most romantic dates he had in his life.

Jannik Wants To Be Part Of World Cup

Jannik is 30 now and still playing as a center-back for Leicester City club. 

He has played for his country Denmark more than 30 times in international matches, including European Championship. 

But it seems that those matches were not enough for him. He needs to have a great experience in his career with a different club to play for his country. 

As he has not been to that many clubs, he wants to get transferred to any other club to be selected for the World cup in the coming days. 

Hence, he had been available for sale by Leicester City to grab his position as a center-back for his country Denmark.

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