Who Is Peter A. Siragusa? Late Father Of Tony Siragusa

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Who Is Peter A. Siragusa? Late Father Of Tony Siragusa

Peter A. Siragusa is the late father of late American professional football player Tony Siragusa. 

He was married to Rosemarie Siragusa. He shared three sons with her, Rosemarie. He was an American citizen by his nationality. 

Peter A. Siragusa with his wife.
Peter A. Siragusa with his wife. Source: Instagram

About Peter's Son Tony 

Tony was a professional football player. He played as a defensive tackle for Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens.

He also played for the National Football League. He was born to his parents, Anthony Siragusa, in 1967 and had his birthday on May 14. 

His mother and father raised him with his two brothers, Peter Jr and Elio. He died on June 22, 2022. 

Peter A. Siragusa's wife and their son.
Peter A. Siragusa's wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Tony

Tony was married to his wife, Kathy Siragusa. They tied the knot back in 1995.

Tony shared three kids with his wife. He had two daughters, Samantha Rose and Ava, and a son, Anthony.

Tony and Kathy had a beautiful married life as the couple always enjoyed traveling together.  

They were married for 27th years, but sadly, their marriage ended with Tony's death. 

Tony Siragusa with his wife.
Tony Siragusa with his wife. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

His son Tony was 55 years old at the time of death. His son had a net worth of $6 Million.

Peter Was A Strict Dad 

Peter was father to three sons, and his son Tony felt that he was the best father. 

However, his son Tony revealed that he was strict regarding respect. 

Tony revealed that he and his brother feared Peter as he used to hit them with a belt. 

His sons never messed with him, but there was a time when his son Tony said no to him. 

He got pissed and looked at Tony. Just by his one look, his son Tony got scared, and Tony ran to his room like hell and locked the door from the inside. 

Peter went after Tony, punched right through the door, and got his son. 

He yelled at Tony, telling him not to say No to him ever in his life again. 

Afterward, Peter never repaired the broken door; Tony had to stick the poster on it.

Peter Died In His Son's Arm

Peter died at the age of 48 due to a heart attack. His son Tony talked about the day Peter died in an interview.

According to Tony, he was only 21 years old and studying in college when his father died. 

He and his dad were having a great day, and Tony even had a beer with his dad for the first time that day. 

They even went to the mall and enjoyed it, and on the same day, there were many people at their house, and they did a barbecue. 

 Family of Peter A. Siragusa.
Family of Peter A. Siragusa. Source: Instagram

But at midnight, Tony and her brother suddenly heard their mom screaming, so they rushed to their parent room.

That was when Tony realized that his dad was having a heart attack. 

He pressed his chest and called the ambulance. Tony held his dad in his arm, and his dad looked deeply into his eyes. 

After a few moments, Peter took his last breath in his son Tony's arm.

Tony Was A Reporter

Tony was one of the greatest NFL players. He created his whole fan base with his game-playing skills. 

Many people only know him as a footballer and might not know he was a reporter. 

Tony worked as a sideline reporter for Fox News, one of the biggest news channels.

He joined in 2016, and his work as a sideline reporter was to manage the field ventures. 

Sadly, he didn't get to work as a reporter for a long time as Fox News kicked him out.

The reason behind that was Tony not doing his part of the work properly. 

He didn't work well with the primary reporter, and his sarcastic talks disturbed the workplace. 

He didn't fit the work environment, which expelled him from the reporting work.

Tony's Death 

Tony died in 2022 in his sleep after getting a heart attack. He was 55 years old at his death, shocking every NFL fan. 

Tony's wife and his kids are devastated by his sudden death. Tony had a family history of heart attacks, as his dad also passed away due to a heart attack when Tony was in high school. 

In an interview, Tony said that his dad smoked and had high Sugar, and he was somehow upset because he didn't care about his health. 

But in the case of Tony, he never smoked. Tony was funny, kind, and always motivated his friend. Because of that, his death left everyone heartbroken.

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