Peter Felton

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Peter Felton

Peter Felton is the father of famous actor Tom Felton popularly known for the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie series. 

He used to work at Cisco Systems.

About Family

Peter married Sharon Anstey. The couple has four children, Jonathan Felton, Chris Felton, Ashley Felton, and Tom Felton.

Peter Felton ex-wife and son 
Peter Felton's ex-wife and son    Source: Instagram

About  Children

Jonathan is the eldest son of Peter and Sharon. He is a chiropractor and resides in London. He is happily married and has one son with his wife.

Chris is their second son.  He was Tom's chaperon while he was shooting for Harry Potter films. 

Then, Chris and Tom worked together to make the World Junior Carp Tournament, competitive fishing for teenagers. 

Now, Chris, along with his mom Sharon runs the family business of Dorking Domestic Appliances. He is married and has a daughter.

Peter Felton four children
Peter Felton four children  Source: Pinterest

Ashley works as a yard manager at CEVA Logistics in Australia. She and Tom together attended the Maui Film Festival's Taste of Chocolate in 2016.

Son Tom Felton

Tom is the youngest child of Peter and Sharon Felton. He is a famous actor best known for his role in the bestselling novel Harry Potter as Draco Malfoy

He first started his acting career in the movie The Borrowers at the age of 10.

He has worked in several hit films (Belle, Anna and the king, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), television series (Bugs, Second Sight, Murder in the First, The Flash), video games (Harry Potter Series), music video (Empty Space).

He has won several awards for the Harry Potter series: Scream Award, Teen Choice Award, TV Movie Award, etc.

Peter Felton son Tom Felton
Peter Felton's son Tom Felton  Source: Instagram

Felton and Anstey Divorced

Peter and Sharon Anstey divorced when Tom was a teenager. 

Sharon kept a picture signed by Tom from Harry Potter's first movie, featuring Tom and other characters on her bedside. 

She also attended Sundance Film Festival with her son Tom in 2018

Sharon seemed to be very happy with her son Tom success in the film industry.

Tom also loves his mother; he also gifted Ford Focus in 2009.

Peter Felton with his ex-wife and son Tom
Peter Felton with his ex-wife and son Tom  Source: Pinterest

Tom Relationship

Star Tom Felton has had several serious relationships from 2004 to 2006, the actor had been dating music artist Melissa Tamstick

They broke up, and Tom started dating Phoebe Tonkin till 2008. Then, again, Tom parted with Tonkin and started a serious relationship with actress Jade Gordon

They started accompanying each other in 2008.

They were spotted together atFelton's several public gatherings. The couple also used to share their photos on social media.

But after eight years of a long relationship, the couple broke up in 2016

Tom has not been romantically involved with anyone after that.           

Tom and Jade spotted together in Florida
Tom and Jade, spotted together in Florida    Source: The Mirror  

Tom broke Emma’s Heart

Tom Felton is well known for showing his appearance in the Harry Potter series. He worked with many other actors, including Emma Watson

Emma and Tom had a great friendship onscreen. Emma and Tom both had a great friendship, but it was known that Emma had a huge crush on Tom

Emma revealed having a crush on Tom in many interviews. She said that she fell in love with Tom when she went to the room where they had tutoring. 

There they were said to draw what god looked like in their imagination. During that time, Tom sketched a girl wearing a cap and had a skateboard with her. 

Emma immediately fell in love with Tom after seeing that sketch. They worked together for many years, but Emma never proposed to him.

On the other hand, Tom also opened up that he knew about Emma having a crush on him, but he reacted to it. 

Tom said that while he was hair-dressing, someone told him about Emma liking him. He said that after knowing that, he became very protective of her. 

He also had a soft corner, but he never confronted in front of Emma. In one of the interviews, Emma said that the reason behind her not proposing to Tom was because of their age gap. 

She was just 11 years old when she fell in love with Tom, and Tom was 14 years old. 

Tom was three years older than Emma, which was why they never thought of getting into a relationship with him. 

In one interview, Emma said that Tom always looked at her as a baby sister, and when she heard that from Tom, it broke her heart. 

Tom and Emma have talked about these things, and they still do. Because Emma and Tom have soft corners for each other, they were also rumored to be dating each other some years back. 

Tom and Emma are clear that they are just good friends to each other. To know more, do check the link below.

Net Worth 

Peter is not active on social media. As he doesn't like to be in the limelight, his net worth was not available on the internet. 

But his son Tom is a famous actor and musician, and his estimated net worth is $ 20 Million. His source of income is movies and music.

Net Worth$ 20 Million
Income SourceActor

Age, Weight, and Height

  1. His current age was not available, but his son Tom was born on Sep 22, 1987.
  2. Peter's weight and height were not available, but his son, Tom's weight, is 66 kg and height is 5 ft. 9 inches.

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