Who Is Peter Menounos? Brother Of Maria Menounos

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Who Is Peter Menounos? Brother Of Maria Menounos

Peter Menounos is the brother of Maria Menounos, an American journalist and actress

His parents are Litsa Menounos and Constantinos Menounos. He has one sister named Maria.

Peter Menounos's father and sister.
Peter Menounos's father and sister. Source: Instagram

Death Of Mother

Peter's mother's name is Litsa Menounos. She died due to brain cancer. 

She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 61 in 2016. She died in 2021 after a long battle with stage 4 cancer.

Peter Menounos's late mom and sister.
Peter Menounos's late mom and sister. Source: Instagram

Sister Battled With A Brain Tumor 

Maria started experiencing intense ear pain in January

At first, she thought it was just an ear infection, but she went to see a doctor when it didn’t improve after a month. 

The doctor checked her ears and found no issues, so they asked if she had any other symptoms. 

Maria mentioned she had been having headaches every day on set. 

She felt dizzy when standing up during news segments, and her speech was sometimes slurred. 

As she explained these symptoms to the doctor, she realized they might be connected. 

She then shared her concern that she might have a brain tumor similar to her mom’s experience. 

Her mother, Litsa Menounos, had a type of brain cancer called Glioblastoma multiforme in 2016 when she was 61

Maria actively cared for her mother during her radiation and chemotherapy treatments. 

Later on, Maria also started experiencing health issues. Then she was suggested to take an MRI to be safe. 

But due to her busy schedule, she couldn't pay much attention to her health, and her tumor started to grow again. 

At the end of April, Maria was reminded by her assistant that she had an MRI she had postponed. 

There was an issue when her MRI was tested, so Maria had a feeling that something serious might be happening. 

When the result came out, Maria had a meningioma tumor about the size of a golf ball pressing on her facial nerves.

Unlike her mother’s tumor, this one was slow growing and noncancerous. But it could lead to severe headaches, balance issues, and speech difficulties. 

After her surgery, they removed her tumor, and now she continues to persevere and stay determined to get better. 


Peter was born in 1980, and his current age is 43.

Net worth

As a TV Journalist, his sister Maria's net worth is about $25 Million.

Maria Married Life

Maria and her husband, Keven Undergaro, met in the late 90s while working on a film in Boston

They quickly connected and began dating even though her father didn’t initially approve. 

They supported each other through family dramas and decided to spend their lives together. 

After nearly two decades of dating, Keven proposed to Maria in 2016

After that, they married on New Year’s Eve in 2017 and later had a second wedding ceremony in Greece in 2018

Throughout their relationship, Maria has been open about her struggles with fertility. 

In February 2023, she revealed they were expecting their first child through surrogacy.  

They had a child in April and welcomed a baby girl named Athena

Maria Menounos with her husband.
Maria Menounos with her husband. Source: Instagram

Maria Gives A Tour Of Her Baby Nursery

Maria shares a video on YouTube where she gives a tour of her baby Athena’s nursery

She wanted a relaxed nursery that didn’t break the budget, so she sought help from designers to achieve this. 

The room has a bookshelf, changing table, and unique cross-stitched art from her mother and grandma. 

Maria showed her favorite outfits for her daughter, including a butterfly outfit, and mentioned that each item has a sentimental value making the nursery cozy and personalized. 

She pointed out cute details like sunglasses and labeled drawers for organization. 

Maria explained that her health challenges have taught her to be more relaxed, influencing the simple andlowkey nursery design. 

The positive experience with the nursery inspired her and her husband to work on other rooms in their home. 

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