Who Is Peter Siriano? Father Of Christian Siriano

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Peter Siriano is the father of American fashion designer Christian Siriano. 

Peter married Joye Siriano and shares two children, a daughter Shannon and a son Christian. He is an American

Peter Siriano's wife and son.
Peter Siriano's wife and son. Source: Twitter

About Peter’s Son Christian

Christian is a well-known fashion designer and member of the council of American Designers.

He came to prominence after he won the American design competition Project Runway in 2007.

Christian was born to his parents in Annapolis, Maryland. He has his birthday on November 18

Peter Siriano's son Christian Siriano.
Peter Siriano's son Christian Siriano. Source: Instagram

Who Is Christian Dating? 

Christian is gay. He is currently unmarried but is happily dating. 

He has been dating his partner Kyle Smith, a designer since 2018. They are pretty open about their relationship and seem happy together. 

Christian Siriano and Kyle Smith.
Christian Siriano and Kyle Smith. Source: Zimbio

Has Christian Ever Married? 

Before starting his romantic life with Kyle, Christian married well-known singer and songwriter Brad Welsh

They started dating a long time back and were together for many years. They got engaged in 2013

Christian and his ex-partner had a unique engagement as the former couple exchanged bracelets instead of rings. 

Three years after, they tied the knot in their home located in Danbury, Connecticut.

They were having a great life together until they split in 2018

A few weeks after their separation, Christian moved on with another man. Their marriage didn’t work, and they got divorced.

Age and Net Worth 

His son Christian is 37 years old. He has a net worth of $10 Million

Flood Created Disaster In Christian Wardrobe 

Christian is a talented fashion designer who has made many outstanding clothes for celebrities. 

Because of his talent and great fashion, many actresses approach him to make costumes for any big event. 

So for the 2023 Academy Award function, he made beautiful dresses for some celebrities, but everything got ruined because of the flood that happened because of the outburst of pipe in his office. 

He had made a dress for actress Melissa McCarthy, but the flood ruined it. 

The dress wasn’t destroyed, but it was not that perfect for Melissa to wear in such an event, so Christian remade it again. 

He was so freaked out, thinking about how he would remake the whole dress again in a few days before the event. 

But he worked on it and completed the dress before the event. Then, he hand-delivered it to the actress himself. 

He didn’t reveal what and how did he remake the dress, but it turned out beautiful. 

Christian Dressed All Types Of Body

Christian has been in the fashion line for over a decade now and is so very good at what he does. 

He has dressed so many actresses so perfectly that many celebrities prefer his dresses for any special occasion. 

Christian revealed that he has worked with different types of bodies throughout his career, and he feels so amazing to see those people stunning in his dresses. 

The fashion industry has idolized only one body type but Christian has different thoughts about that. 

He doesn’t know why the fashion industry only idolizes the perfect slim body and for him, the absolute joy of his work is celebrating customers with different types of bodies. 

He finds it as a good way of business and when he sees his customers flaunting his designs with joy, he feels fantastic. 

Being in the fashion line, he learned to celebrate customers of different ages and sizes, and he thinks many fashion designers are missing the fun of working along with such variations.

Christian Made Masks   

Christian has made many beautiful gowns and dresses but in 2020 he and his whole team worked to help the front-line workers by making the mask. 

The thing was in 2020 when the pandemic started, everything got shut down. 

During that time, he and his team worked by making face masks and distributed over 25k covers.

The thing started with a small tweet Christian posted on his Twitter account. 

There he wrote that he and his team would help by making the masks if NY Government asked for them. 

So a few days later, they started making masks. 

He had many people working for him and because of the pandemic, no one was working, so for those people, it became a way for to work and earn during the lockdown period. 

He was so proud of what he and his whole team managed to do. 

He started by making 50 masks then they started making more as the demand increased. 

It was surreal for Christian but he was glad that he was able to do something good for his workers and other people.  

Christian Dresses Got Bad Reviews

Christian was in the spotlight after winning the fashion design show Project Runway

It was back in 2007 when he was only 21 years old, making him the youngest to win that show. 

Everyone now adores Christian dresses but it wasn’t like that previously.

When he first started, his dresses were called silly and too much and he received many bad reviews. But, he didn’t let those bad comments stop him. 

Not only that, Christian wanted to make a cheap collection of many cheap brands which made him judged by the people many times. 

Despite that, he makes clothes for cheaper brands. 

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