Who Is Peter Steinfeld? Father Of Hailee Steinfeld

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Who Is Peter Steinfeld? Father Of Hailee Steinfeld

Peter Steinfeld is the father of American actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld. His wife's name is Cheri Steinfeld. 

He has a brother named Jake. Peter himself is a personal trainer by his profession. 

He has two children, Hailee and Griffin Steinfeld.

He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Family of Peter Steinfeld
Family of Peter Steinfeld Source: Instagram

Daughter's Relationship

Hailee does not have a boyfriend. 

However, she had dated some well-known people in the past. 

Back in 2016, she was in a relationship with Cameron Smoller, an Instagram star. 

They dated for a year, and after that, they broke up. 

After that, she started dating Niall Horan, but sadly, their relationship didn't last long as they broke up a year later. 

Peter Steinfeld's daughter Hailee Steinfeld
Peter Steinfeld's daughter Hailee Steinfeld Source: Instagram


His daughter Hailee is 25 years old. Her height is 1.73m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Hailee is $10 Million. Her source of income is singer and actress.

Peter Steinfeld with his wife Cheri Steinfeld
Peter Steinfeld with his wife Cheri Steinfeld Source: Instagram

Doesn't Know The Actual Meaning Of The Date

In an interview with Strahan, Sara and Keke, Hailee opened up about her being bad at that dating. 

She had two relationships previously, and both of them didn't work out. 

Hailee said that the main problem with her while she goes on a date, is that she doesn't know what dates are supposed to be. 

She never goes to meet people thinking it's a date, and she takes it as a casual hangout. 

She doesn't know what she has to do while on a date. 

She told in an interview that she takes a date to hang out, but she feels uncomfortable when people start getting closer to her, and she thinks that she was not there to do that, and because of that, she said that she doesn't know what dates are.

Helped Friends In Getting Married 

In the interview with Jimmy, Hailee talked about her friends Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

At first, the interviewer asked her about the rumor he had heard about Hailee and asked if she was behind setting up things between Joe and Sophie

Peter Steinfeld's children Hailee Steinfeld and Griffin Steinfeld
Peter Steinfeld's children Hailee Steinfeld and Griffin Steinfeld  Source: Instagram

She answered that she didn't, but she won't hesitate to take the credit if people said so. 

She said that she and Sophie had been good friends for a long time, and Sophie once called her to know her opinion on Joe Jonas, as Hailee knows Jonas well. 

She told Sophie everything she knew about Jonas, and later she knew that they had gotten married. 

She took the credit as she somehow helped her friend Joe and Sophie get along.

Answering A Most Searched Question

Hailee gave an interview to WEIRD, where she answered some of the questions that people mostly searched for. 

The question asked her was about her having a baby, height and many more. 

Most of the people searched if she had a baby or not. 

She answered by saying she doesn't have a child, and she didn't expect that question. 

Another was Hailee writing her song, and she opened up that she does write her song, and she also said that music is connected to her, and she feels happy that she can write her song and that music has huge importance in her life. 

Another most-searched question about her having a sibling was that she has an older brother and said that she is very lucky to have her brother in her life.

The Face Of Fashion In Champaign 

Hailee was born to her parents in the USA, and she started her music and acting career there. 

Besides acting and being a singer, it was known that Hailee has also become a face of the Fashion Champaign Miu Miu

She was only 14 years old while she was signed for that Champaign. 

But sadly, her fashion ad was blocked in the UK as one of the shots was taken while she was posing on the railway. 

That ad was banned because her railway photo made that ad look like she was promoting suicide for the youngsters. 

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