Who Is Peter Sussman? Ex-Husband Of Bethenny Frankel

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Who Is Peter Sussman? Ex-Husband Of Bethenny Frankel

Peter Sussman is an actor known for his work in the movies like How to Rob a Bank, How to make it in America, Mom P.I, and many more. 

He is also involved in producing films. He is also the ex-husband of popular television actress Bethenny Frankel

Peter was born on April 22, 1969. He was born and raised in Great Neck, New York.

Peter completed his graduation from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts

He got his degree in Arts after his graduation.

Peter Sussman's ex-wife Bethenny Frankel.
Peter Sussman's ex-wife Bethenny Frankel. Source: Instagram

His Relationship With His Ex-Wife Bethenny

Peter and Bethenny were best friends before getting into a relationship. 

They were really good friends for almost five years. 

Their friendship changed into love when they realized they wanted more than just a friendship. 

The couple never talked about dating or being in love until Bethenny came to the reality show in part Bethenny Getting Married? 

The couple got married in 1996

In an interview, they revealed they were already married after a long time. 

They tied the knot with a small group of people in a private way where only a few close friends, families, and relatives were present. 

Their wedding ceremony happened at posh Four Seasons, Los Angeles. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't last long. 

They separated within a year after their marriage. 

Bethenny Frankel with her daughter.
Bethenny Frankel with her daughter. Source: Instagram

Bethenny Helped Ukraine 

Bethenny gave an interview on TheEllenShow, where she talked about leaving the show and helping Ukraine. Bethenny was there in Ellen's show for the last time as Ellen’s show was ending. 

It was her 22nd time being on Ellen's show, and she was really emotional because she won’t be able to be on that show again. 

She told that Ellen's show helped her build her career, and she feels amazing every time she comes to the show. 

Bethenny then talked about leaving the reality TV show. She worked in a reality TV show for a very long time, and the only reason behind her being on the reality TV show was money. 

She earned a lot of money from the reality TV show, but eventually, she felt like she did not want to do it, so she left it, and it was the best decision she made. 

After leaving the reality TV show, she focused more on philanthropy. She wanted to help her family and other people through that. 

Bethenny opened up about her organization BStrong which helped Ukraine by raising $100 Million

She and her organization helped children and many people in Ukraine by supplying them with necessary things and helping people find shelter. 

Bethenny revealed that her organization raised 50 million dollars only from the American people. Also, the companies from the European countries donated 80 million, which was a great help.   

She said that her organization has warehouses in Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine, from where they do the distribution. They have even helped to extract orphans and undersized people out of there. 


Peter is 53 years old. His zodiac sign is Taurus. His ex-wife Bethenny is 51 years old. 

Net Worth

His ex-wife is an American Tv personality who has a net worth of 80 million dollars.

She earns 40 thousand dollars per episode. She is also an author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Bethenny Talked About Business Is Personal

As we all know, Bethenny is the author of top-selling books in New York

She has written books like A Place of Yes, I Stuck in Loves, So You Don't Have To, Naturally Thin, and many more. 

Her recent top-selling book is Business is Personal, where she has written about how business is personal in day-to-day life. 

In an interview with CBC mornings, she explains how it is so. 

She explains that to do a successful business, you need to be determined and give your time away from your family where you can be productive, and your body and soul should be in your business. 

And when there is body and soul, it automatically becomes personal to anyone doing business.

When asked how she said it's not what you sell but how you sell. 

She says that it's all because of how she connects everything in business, the audience and the book. 

She reveals that connecting with many peoples is a very important business as we can listen to and communicate with many voices and also be able to send our messages.

Bethenny Didn't Want To Come To Ellen's Show.

Bethenny once in 2013, at Ellen's Show, when the ladies were talking about Bethenny's divorce, she almost cried out loud. 

She says she didn't want to do the show then because she was recently divorced and was already going through a lot. 

She says she didn't want to come but could not ignore everything and act like normal just in her Tv show.

She shed tears and said that she felt disappointed and a failure when her wedding didn't work as she thought. 

She revealed that she wanted and thought her wedding to be a fairytale, but it is not more than a failure right now. 

She also added that it was very hard for her to manage judgemental people.

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