Who Is Peter Ventimiglia? Father Of Milo Ventimiglia

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Who Is Peter Ventimiglia? Father Of Milo Ventimiglia

Peter Ventimiglia is the father of actor Milo Ventimiglia. He is a Vietnam War veteran

He was married to Carol Ventimiglia, and his wife is of English and Scottish descent. His wife is also a Vietnam veteran

They have three kids: two daughters, Leslie Ventimiglia and Laurel Ventimiglia, and a son, Milo.

Peter Ventimiglia with his wife and their son.
Peter Ventimiglia with his wife and their son. Source: Twitter

Milo Is Officially Married

Milo is married to Jarah Mariano. His wife is a model and is of Korean descent. They tied the knot earlier this month. 

Their close friends and family privately attended their wedding ceremony. 

Milo Ventimiglia and wife Jarah Mariano.
Milo Ventimiglia and wife Jarah Mariano. Source: People


His son Milo is 46 years old

Net Worth

His son Milo's net worth is estimated to be $12 million

Milo Talked About His First Girlfriend

Milo had his first girlfriend when he was in third grade. He even remembered her name. 

He said they naturally became girlfriend and boyfriend while playing on the playground. 

He shared he held her hand and knew that he was his girlfriend.

Milo Was President Of Senior Class

Milo said he was an adorable kid at school. He said he was actively involved in sports during high school and was senior class president. 

He shared he competed against his friend for student body president, and it was an easy win for him as he did not have to give any speech. 

The other student wanted a guy to be their president, and his friend had blond hair and blue eyes. 

He said at that time, he knew nothing about the president's responsibilities. 

Milo Was Almost Cast As Batman

Ben Affleck stepped down to play Batman, and Warner Brothers were searching for the perfect replacement. 

There was talk about Milo being the next Batman, but the studio thought he was too old to play Batman, so they cast Robert Pattinson

Milo Got Emotional When He Talked About 'This Is Us' Ending

Milo played the role of Jack Pearson, who is considered TV's most loved dad in the American drama television series This Is Us

The series aired in 2016 and ended in 2022. Milo said Dan Fogelman is one of the best writers, and he created and ended the show beautifully. 

He said whenever he talks about the storyline, he gets emotional thinking about it. He added the ending was perfect. 

Fun Facts About Milo 

He gave his first audition at 12 and made it to the final six out of two thousand kids but did not get the part. 

He started his career after graduating in acting. He started his journey with commercials. 

He loves soft drinks, and he has been a vegetarian his entire life. 

Milo always knew he would be an actor, a naval aviator, or a pediatric surgeon. 

He chose acting as his career at the age of 18. He has many tattoos, but he hides them all while working. 

He said his tattoos have personal meaning, and he does not like to reveal that. 

He was nominated three times for an Emmy for his performance in the NBC drama series This Is Us

Milo gave up drinking when he was 22, so now he neither drinks nor smokes. 

He is a good friend of Alyssa Milano, and she named her son after him as she told Milo first that she loved Dave, her husband, and was a good friend of him. 

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