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Philippe Mackey is the father of English-French actress Emma Mackey

He is married to Rachel Mackey. Philippe has a daughter with Rachel.  

He is a school headmaster by his profession. He is a French-English citizen of his nationality. 

Family of Philippe Mackey
Family of Philippe Mackey  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Daughter Emma Mackey

As of 2021, Emma is dating Dan Whitlam. They have been dating each other for many years. 

Dan and Emma didn't open up about their dating before 2018. They officially opened up their relationship in 2018 after keeping it secret for a certain time. 

They revealed their relationship through social media as they posted a picture of them together. 

A time back in 2019, when Emma appeared in the series Sex Education, there were a lot of rumors about Emma dating her co-star Asa Butterfield, but it was not true. 

She has been happily dating Dan for a long time. Emma likes to keep her love life private, so she hasn't opened up about her relationship in detail. 

Emma Mackey with her boyfriend, Dan Whitlam
Emma Mackey with her boyfriend, Dan Whitlam  Source: Instagram

About Emma Mackey 

Emma's full name is Emma Margaret Marie Tachard-Mackey was born on January 4, 1996.

She was raised by her parents in France and later shifted to England.

She began her acting career in 2019. At the start of her career, she played role in Sex Education

She gave her best in that show and got a lot of audience attention, and her fandom increased rapidly. 

She has shown her appearance in some movies too. 

As of 2021, she is busy with her new movie Emily in which she's going to show her presence as the main lead.

Emma Fitted In Her Character

Emma has played a bold role in Sex Education which was loved by a lot of people. 

She played the character of Maeve and fitted in that character so well. 

She played that role in such a way that it never seemed like an act. 

But people are unaware that some of the Maeve characters were copied from Emma's natural behavior. 

The writer himself thought giving Maeve's character some touch of Emma made it easier for Emma to play that role. 

Emma's natural character added to Maeve's character took the series to the next level.  

People found her character very unique and enjoyed it too.   


His date of birth is unknown, so there is a clue about his real age.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Emma is $150,000. Her source of income is acting. 

The yearly income of an actress is estimated to be $218,000 per year. 

Philippe's Daughter Emma Wants To Keep Her Life Private

Philippe's daughter Emma is well known rising actress who has earned fame from her role play in Sex Education

Philippe is also proud of being a father of such a talented daughter. 

As an actress, Emma has won millions of hearts, and because of that, people are showing their interest in her personal life. 

Emma is one of the actresses who like to keep her life out of the spotlight. 

She is very introverted and likes to have quality time alone. 

She prefers vibing alone instead of getting along with people. She gets annoyed when her fan tries to take her photos. 

Emma Mackey Got Rejected

Emma Mackey played Maeve's character in Sex Education, and her acting made her role very interesting to people. 

She is a very good actress and very popular. She has struggled a lot to reach where she is now. 

She has gone through rejection, failure, and many more. 

Before getting the role in Sex Education, she auditioned in the drama school, where she got rejected many times. 

But she never lost hope; instead, she pushed herself and worked hard in acting schools to give her best in upcoming opportunities. 

Hence she got a role in Sex Education, which made her career. Because of that role, she is now well known everywhere, and she is proud of that.

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