Who Is Phoebe Pryce? Daughter Of Jonathan Pryce

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Who Is Phoebe Pryce? Daughter Of Jonathan Pryce

Phoebe Pryce is the daughter of Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce. She was born to her parents in the year 1990.

Phoebe‘s mother’s name is Katy Fahy. She grew up with her siblings, Patrick and Gabriel

Phoebe herself is an actress focused on theatrical drama. She is a Welsh citizen by nationality. 

About Phoebe’s Dad Jonathan 

Jonathan is a professional actor. He is well-known for his role as Governor Weatherby Swann in the movie Pirate of the Caribbean Sea series. 

As of now, he has appeared in the series The Crown as Prince Philip

He was born in 1947 and has his birthday on 1 June. His birth name is John Price

Parent's Marriage Life 

Jonathan is married to his wife Kate. He met Kate for the first time back in 1972 at a theatre. 

They fell in love with each other immediately and started dating. 

Jonathan dated Kate for five decades, and they tied the knot in 2015

Jonathan shares three kids with his wife, and all of their children were born before their marriage. 

Parents of Phoebe Pryce.
Parents of Phoebe Pryce. Source: Pinterest

Jonathan Left His Wife For Another Woman

Jonathan was married when he met his love of life, Kate

He said he met his first wife at the teacher training college. He was happy with her and his marriage. 

But in 1972, when he met Kate, everything changed. Despite being married to different people, they fell in love with each other. 

Johnathan and Kate both left their partners to be with each other. 

Johnathan felt the bond with Kate and said they understood each other like no one else. 

Just two weeks after he met Kate, he left his wife. He has no regret for his decision because he couldn’t imagine himself and his life if he hadn’t met Kate

Johnathan hasn’t revealed his ex-wife's name but did mention that he has a good, friendly relationship with his ex-wife. 

Age And Net Worth 

Phoebe is currently 33 years old. Her father has a net worth of $16 Million

Jonathan Was Happy To Be Number One

Jonathan played Pope Francis in the 2019 movie The Two Popes

The movie was named The Two Popes because there were two popes. 

Jonathan played one, and another was played by Anthony Hopkins, who played Pope Benedict

Jonathan said he and Anthony worked together 27 years ago before working again in The Two Popes

He and Anthony were voices of Dylan Thomas's poem Under Milkwood

Anthony was the first voice, and Jonathan was the second, and he was okay with that. 

But after 27 years, they again worked, and that time, Jonathan was ranked in the first number, and Anthony was second-numbered on the call sheet, which was arranged according to their importance in the movie. 

And that made Jonathan very happy.

Drama School Made Jonathan Confident

Jonathan started his acting career in the theater like many other actors. He went to drama school before that, which helped him a lot to become a good actor. 

Jonathan opened up that drama school helped him to be in a good state of mind whenever he was doing theater. 

He wasn’t very focused on the different classes that drama school makes them take because he was only interested in performing. 

But when he started doing theater, he realized that those classes made him good at his performances. 

However, the improvisation class helped him build his confidence in all the classes.

He used to have an improvisation class every week, and after every class, he saw his confidence boosting. 

So, he credits his improvisation class for making him a strong actor. 

Jonathan Didn’t Want To Be An Actor

In one of the interviews, Johnathan revealed that becoming an actor was an accident. 

He didn’t purposely become an actor, as he was focused on becoming an art teacher. 

He went to college and was training to become an art teacher, and that’s when he met his first ex-wife. 

While he was training, he was told to take a subsidiary course to teach art and was told that the drama course was the easy one. 

It didn’t require much effort and time, so he continued the drama course. 

He started acting and performing and eventually got himself in the acting line. 

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