Phoebe Swindells

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Phoebe Swindells

Phoebe Swindells is the late mother of an English actor and model, Connor Swindells. She was married to Ian Swindells

She had one son with Ian named Connor Swindells. She died battling bowel cancer. She was an English by her nationality.

Phoebe Swindells son Connor Swindells
Phoebe Swindells son Connor Swindells  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Connor Swindells

Connor was in a relationship with Aimee Lou Wood, an actress. They both met each other on the set of series named Sex Education

They co-starred each other and worked together in the whole series. 

They started dating in the same year when they met, in 2019

They kept their relationship with themselves, but after a certain time, their relationship got public. 

They dated for nearly a year and later ended up their relationship. 

As of 2021, Connor has kept his love life private. However, it is known that he is single and pays attention to making his career. 

Connor chilling with his friends
Connor chilling with his friends  Source: Instagram

About Connor Swindells

Connor's full name is Connor Ryan Swindells is an English actor and model born on 19 September 1996

Her parents raised him in Lewes, East Sussex, in England. He lost his mother when he was just seven years old. 

After her mother's death, he was raised by his grand mom. Before pursuing an acting career, he was a boxer. 

He showed his interest in acting after seeing a poster of a local play. He got the opportunity of playing the main role in that play. 

After he showed his appearance in the Netflix series Sex Education, he got popularity. 

He had role played in some of the movies named Emma and The Vanishing. 


He is 25 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Connor is $200,000. His source of income is acting and modeling. 

The yearly income of actors is estimated to be $40,806 per year. 

Connor Swindells Became Unwanted As A Child

Connor has played a brilliant role in the movie VS and Sex Education. In this series, he played a boy's character that his parents do not like. 

He played it so smooth in the series, and one of the reasons for this might be his past. As a child death of his mother was a big trauma for him. 

In addition to that, he was not liked by his father and grandfather with whom he lived. 

He was then sent into relatives' place and made stay there. He was sent to many relatives' houses to stay. 

This made him feel that everyone hated him and no one loved him.

Connor Used To Fight To Get Relief

Connor had a rough start in his early days as he lost his mother at the age of seven

He was too frustrated with his situation and had nowhere to let his anger and frustration go away. 

Hence he gave out all his anger and frustration in the punching bag. 

Not only this, he used to do boxing fights and thought of being a professional boxer. 

He later had to quit his dream as he had a problem with his muscles due to his improper strict diet. 

He found that his boxing dream brought him lots of health problems; hence, he left it.

Connor Swindells Was Naked In A Movie

For many actors and actresses, coming up on screen being naked and showing own body among a huge mass of audiences is tough. 

They are not too comfortable doing so and show the naked scenes' problem. Well, in the case of Connor, it's different. 

Conner said in an interview that he is comfortable doing any naked show or scenes. 

Not only this, but he also doesn't hesitate to talk about his sexual stuff. He is too open when it comes to sexual stuff. 

In addition, one of the reasons for him having fun being part of Sex Education is that he was getting to see sexual equipment like dildos, chains, and so on.

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