Phoenix Wolf Margera- Truth About Bam Margera Son

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Phoenix Wolf Margera- Truth About Bam Margera Son

Phoenix Wolf Margera is the son of Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd. He was born in 2017.  

Phoenix Wolf Margera With Father Bam Margera
Phoenix Wolf Margera With Father Bam Margera Source: Twitter

Son of a skateboarder:

Phoenix's father's name is Bam, a professional skateboarder, stunt person, and television personality. 

He was born on September 28th, 1979. He is 41 years old. 

Phoenix's mother's name is Nicole Boyd, a graphic designer, model, and actress. She was born on January 24th, 1984. She is 36 years old.

The reason behind his name:

When Bam asked why he named his son Phoenix Wolf, he said that he just liked the name and everyone agreed to stick with the name. 

Later on, when he was asked the same question, he explained that he and his wife Nicole first met at the Phoenix Theater

That's why the couple decided to keep the baby's name Phoenix.

Teaching his son to skate:

Bam posted a video on his Instagram account where he is teaching his son to skate. 

Bam is over the moon and feels super excited to teach his son to skate. He is introducing balancing the board to his son for now. 

Bam says that he will teach his son tricks and stunts when he gets old enough to understand.

Legal Troubles of Bam:

Back in 2010, Bam was attacked by a baseball bat on the head. He was rushed to the hospital, and he had a serious head injury. 

When investing, police found out that the woman named Elizabeth hit him with a bat because Bam used the N-word. 

However, he denied the allegations saying he used the word idiot bitch and not the N-word.

In 2013, Bam was arrested at the airport located in Iceland. 

He was accused of leaving the country without paying the damages following a rental car dispute. 

Bam had rented a car in Iceland, but he had returned it in a terrible state. 

He was leaving the country without paying for the damages, and cops arrested him. 

Later on the same day, he was released after paying the outstanding fee. 

Relationship of Bam:

Bam was first married to an American model and photographer, Melissa Rothstein, in 2007

Later they divorced in 2012 and went on their separate ways.

In 2013 Bam married Nicole. He announced in an Instagram post in 2017 that Nicole was pregnant and is happy. 

Now they are blessed with a beautiful baby boy Phoenix. 

Reason for his first failed marriage:

Bam was a heavy drinker. He often used to get into fights with his first wife. 

One time he ended up in the hospital due to excessive drinking. He's also used to cheating on his wife with other women.  

Melissa, his ex-wife, couldn't resist this behavior and left the town and later divorced him.

Problem with Mom 

Bam Margera gave an interview on Dr. Phil's Show where he talked about losing his mind and the problems that he had with his mom. 

There in the interview, Bam talked about the frustration that he had with his wife and mom. 

He opened up that his mom calls him and irritates him a lot and because of that, he loses his mind. 

He was really acting crazy and told that he had a mental breakdown.

Bam was already 39 years old while he was giving that interview and he told that his mum unnecessarily interfere in his personal life. 

He told that he never asked her to do that but she does it on her own. 

After listening to Bam's talks Dr. Phil suggested telling his mom to stay out of his personal life and also told him to cut out those people who irritate him and destroy his mental peace. 

Dr.Phil then facetime Bam's mom so that they could talk about the boundaries of personal life. 

Bam talked with his mom about the castle house and said that it is his house and he would do whatever he want to do. 

Her mom told him that she had better idea's for the castle house but Bam doesn't want anyone to be in that house. 

She also opened up that her son Bam want to let his friends in that house. 

According to her mom, Bam's those friends are not good for Bam as they will cause a downfall in Bam's life.

Bam told that his mom was making him crazy as she doesn't listen to anything from him. 

His mom just keeps on asking him questions but she never tries what Bam wants to say. 

The interview told his mom to have to Bam his mental peace and let him live independently. Dr. told Bam's mom not to stress Bam.

Met a naked woman 

Bam gave an interview to Sneaky Tv where he talked about his movie, fans and perks of being famous. 

He started the interview by talking about the ride and sharing his driving stick shift difficulties. Bam then talked about the worst party he had ever been to and said it was of P. Diddy's

At that party, he stepped on one of his homies' brand new Nike shoes, and he got beaten up. 

He also said that throwing parties on your own is very stressful as you have to take all the responsibilities by yourself because it's your party and he thinks it's not good. 

He said that parties thrown by others are enjoyable because he doesn't have to take any responsibilities and all he can do is enjoy. 

Talking about P. Diddy's party, they were offered free drinks, but Bam paid $30 for a Heincers. 

Bam then revealed one of the incidents with his fan. A girl who called herself a fan of Bam sneaked to Bam's house with no clothes. 

She was completely naked, and he didn't know what to do. Bam asked her who she was, and she replied to him, telling him that she was an AI sent from Jupiter

He called 911, and five police officers came to his house to arrest her. When the girl saw the policemen, she didn't know what to do, so she cartwheeled and ran away. 

She hid in Bam's wooden tree, which collapsed during a storm. The cops finally arrested her after searching her for 7 hours. 

Bam then talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being famous. 

He said that the perks of being famous are getting many gifts, and while going on a flight if he is noticed, he is given the first-class seat. 

But he said that he has to show himself happy no matter how much he is tired and that is a disadvantage of being famous. 

Another thing is fans interrupting him everywhere, and he finds that annoying, but he can't do anything.

Bam stayed in rehab for a year?

In the interview with Steve O’s Wild Ride!, Bam talked about his alcoholism struggle and how a year in rehab changed everything. 

Bam was an alcoholic. He stayed under the influence of alcohol for more than a decade and that time period was a nightmare for him. 

One of the mates named Novak suggested Bam do one year of rehab and told him that it will be worth it and he will feel better. 

Bam did 60 days of rehab but it didn’t work out well so he decided to go for a year in rehab. While he was giving that interview he still had 90 days of class left. 

Bam opened up that a year in rehab has worked a lot for him and he had never felt that better in his life. He called his friend Novak and told him that is feeling much better than before. 

Bam looked back at his old days and told how he used to wake up with hangovers. He used to stay all day home and all he does was drink, crack jokes, and watch TV. 

He did try taking breaks from alcohol but it didn’t help him. He left alcohol then again he stars drinking and it was causing him a lot of problems. 

Due to drinking more Bam was not able to do productive things. To be sober one need to be with the sober team and for that Bam went to San Marcos as there was a group of a skater. 

While he was there he didn’t even touch alcohol. He became active as he went on for skating with his friend. 

They used to wake up early go skating and hike and but after a few days, he got his ankle twisted. He became unable to do those stuff and he again got back to his drinking habit. 

The addiction to alcohol is very dangerous, before when he thought that he would drink just a glass of whisky but slowly he goes for two, three, and then 1 bottle and 2 bottles and it continues. 

After completion of one-year rehab, Bam doesn’t want to relive the life that he was living for more than a decade.

Net Worth and income sources:

Phoenix is a three-year-old kid and is young to work. So he doesn't have any net worth. But the net worth of his father is structured below:

Net worthSources
$20 millionThe reality show, producer

Age, height, weight:

  1. Phoenix is three years old.
  2. His height and weight have not been revealed.
  3. He is currently learning how to balance the skateboard with his father.

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