Who Is Phyllis Minkoff? Ex-Wife Of Maury Povich

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Who Is Phyllis Minkoff? Ex-Wife Of Maury Povich

Phyllis Minkoff is Maury Povich's ex-wife, a retired American TV personality. Phyllis was born on February 15, 1941, in Washington, DC

Her parents are Ida Minkoff and Hyman Joseph. She was raised in a well-settled family. 

Her nationality is American. Her father's business was an alcohol store called Acme Liquors

She has a sibling named Larry Minkoff. It is not sure that they are related by blood at all. 

Phyllis and Maury were married in 1962.

Their marriage didn’t go well. Unfortunately, they ended up getting divorced in 1979.  

They have two kids, Susan Anne and Amy Joyce Povich

Maury Got A Special Award At The Daytime Emmys

Maury is a famous TV host. He got a special award at the Daytime Emmys

His wife, Connie Chung, gave him the Lifetime Achievement honor. 

Even though he is known for paternity tests, Connie talked about his long TV career, 67 years doing news reporting and anchoring. 

Many famous people, such as Whoopi Goldberg and Kelly Clarkson, said nice things about Maury in videos. 

Maury retired last year after hosting his sensational style show in 1991

He also used to host A Current Affair from 1986 to 1990

Maury shared a funny story about Rupert Murdoch, the boss of Fox Television, telling him to worry about awards and focus on getting viewers. 

Maury said Forget that, Rupert while holding up his Emmy award

Maury Povich with his wife.
Maury Povich with his wife. Source: Pinterest


Phyllis was born on February 15, 1941. She is 82 years old as of 2023. 

Net worth

As a TV show personality, Phyllis's ex-husband Maury's net worth is about $80 million.

Maury On The Humorous Side Of Paternity Tests 

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Maury talked about his long-running talk show and shared some personal news about having a new baby. 

Maury and the host discuss how Beyonce and Jay Z market their album, guessing that Jay Z might not be bothered by rumors about Jay Z being unfaithful towards Beyonce

Maury liked their approach, understanding the challenges in the music business. 

They joked about Maury’s age and his ability to stay active. 

Maury also talked about the challenges he faces when people come on his show claiming to be parents, with some even lying about kidnapping. 

He explained why he uses lie detector tests even though they might have a slight chance of error. 

Maury also mentioned a funny method of comparing feet in paternity tests. 

He remembered the long history of his talk show and mentioned a viral internet meme where one of his guests and Senator Ted Cruz were mistakenly thought to be siblings.

Maury Talked About Quitting His Job

Maury Povich discussed his long-term contract with NBC and considered quitting his show. 

He mentioned how big-name hosts like Johnny Carson and David Letterman retired from public life after leaving their shows, wondering if the same might happen to him. 

Maury also talked about Johnny Carson being his former hero, the importance of recognition, and the potential result of being asked for paternity tests. 

He also shared his thoughts on whether unmarried couples should get one and discussed a case from his show involving a woman named Marisol who took multiple paternity tests to figure out her children’s fathers. 

The interview wrapped up with Maury expressing gratitude for being on the show and making a playful joke about getting a paternity test for Ted Cruz.

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