Who Is Pierre Torres? Son Of Jacques Torres

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Who Is Pierre Torres? Son Of Jacques Torres

Pierre Torres is the son of French pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres. His mother’s name is Hasty Torres

He weighed 6lbs 3oz at the time of his birth. He has a younger sister, Jacqueline.

He is a French-American citizen by nationality. 

Family of Pierre Torres.
Family of Pierre Torres. Source: Instagram

About Pierre's Dad Jacques 

Jacques is a pastry chef and chocolatier. He is well known for hosting his show Chocolate with Jacques Torres and shows Nailed It

He was born in the year 1959 and has his birthday on June 14. His parents raised him in Bandol, South of France

He is a French chef based in New York

Married Life Of Jacques 

Jacques is married to his wife, Hasty Torres. He met Jacques in New York, where Hasty came to work for him. 

She worked under Jacques in his chocolate factory. They fell in love and started dating. 

In 2007, they tied the knot. They are now parents to two children, a son named Pierre and a daughter named Jacqueline

Parents of Pierre Torres.
Parents of Pierre Torres. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Pierre was born in the year 2016 and is currently four years old. His father has a net worth of $4 Million. His source of income is a chef and chocolatier

Pierre Torres with his father and sister.
Pierre Torres with his father and sister. Source: Instagram

Jacques Was Suggested To Change His Diet

Back in 2018, Jacques lost 60lbs of his weight in a year. It was an outstanding achievement for him, but the weight loss journey was too hard. 

He said that he consulted his physical doctor. His doctor asked him if he drank alcohol because his liver condition was not good. 

He answered that he doesn’t drink, so the doctor figured out that his Sugar intake might be the reason behind his lousy liver and suggested walking more. 

His health was deteriorating because of his weight, so he went to a nutritionist and got himself a good diet plan. 

He ate only vegetables and protein-rich food for a year, as suggested by his doctor, and strictly avoided other things. 

He constantly followed up with his nutritionist to eat an exact portion of food, and in a year, he lost 60 lbs. To. this day, he works out whenever he has free time. 

Mistakes Have Meaning

Jacques is known for his appearance in the reality TV show Nailed It

He has been part of that show for a long time, and the show is all about a new baker trying to recreate in the kitchen, and somehow, it doesn’t turn out well.

People on the show have to recreate a masterpiece as shown, and in that process, the bakers create lots of mishaps. 

Jacques revealed that mishaps make their show fun and have meaning. 

There are lots of failures, and kids enjoy people making mistakes.

Jacques regarded the show as a happy show, and the mistakes they made in the show inspired kids to get up and make something in the kitchen. 

All the mishaps make kids feel that they could do better than that. 

Most people who love Nailed It are kids, and it's so funny that they drag their parents to watch it with them.

Benefits Of Chocolate

Jacques is a well-known chocolatier who owns his own chocolate business. 

He makes different types of chocolates in his factory, and it’s been years since he has been in this business. 

According to him, chocolates have many benefits, and he said that there is nothing that chocolate cannot fix. 

Every disease in the world can be fixed with the chocolate. He also talked about his favorite chocolates. 

He doesn’t have any favorite chocolates, as it depends on his mood and his craving. 

Sometimes, he craves for milk, occasionally creamy, and sometimes for the nut chocolate. 

He said he only makes the chocolates he likes in his factory. 

Jacques Enjoyed Being The Judge

Jacques is one of three-judge chefs in the Nailed It.

He loved and enjoyed being the judge of the show and said that the judges in the show spend most of their time laughing. 

All the contestants participating in that show are amateur bakers and don’t know much about it. 

As a great chef, it’s hard for him to watch the contestants making mistakes while baking. 

Sometimes, he does want to speak out loud and tell them they are doing wrong, but as a judge, he can’t, as he was there to see what the contestants are capable of. 

He and the other judges stay there and laugh, seeing the contestants creating blunders, and because of that, he enjoys being judged on the show.

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