Who Is Piers Cavill? Brother Of Henry Cavill

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Who Is Piers Cavill? Brother Of Henry Cavill

Piers Cavill is the brother of actor Henry Cavill. Piers has four siblings. He served the nation in the armed forces. 

He is a former tank commander and ex-army officer. He is British by nationality. 

His parents are Marianne Cavill and Colin Cavill.

Piers Cavill's parents and brother, Henry Cavill.
Piers Cavill's parents and brother, Henry Cavill. Source: Zimbio

Is Henry Dating Anyone?

Henry is dating TV executive Natalie Viscuso. They started dating each other back in 2021. They made their relationship with Insta official in 2021

Both of them share lovely pictures of each other on their social media quite often. They are spotted holding hands in the streets of Beverly Hills

They made their red carpet debut as a couple on the premier of Enola Holms.

 Henry Cavill with his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso.
 Henry Cavill with his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso. Source: Instagram

Hidden Things About Henry 

Henry is famously known for his role as Superman. He is always in the spotlight but there are things that people might not be aware of. 

The very first thing is Henry has a very dirty mind and he proved it himself when he told that playing Superman was like sagging someone for the first time in one of the interviews. 

He has said things that made others clear about his dirty mind. 

Henry dated Kaley Cuoco back in 2013 and their relationship lasted only for 12 days

Kaley is a very private person and doesn't open up about her love life despite working in the acting industry for more than 2 decades.

But as soon as she started hanging out with Henry she started getting followed by paparazzi and wherever she and Henry went the media followed. Her private life got impacted after she dated Henry

Henry got backlashed in the #metoo movement back in 2018 after he released his statement about dating. He said that dating women is hard because they seek for favor being followed. 

He also claimed that he would rather date a known person that flirts with strangers. 

Because of these things, he got backlashed and he later apologized to everyone saying that he got misunderstood and was not trying to be insensitive. 

Henry's relationship with Tara King is one of the controversial things as they had huge age differences. He was 33 when he dated 19 years old Tara

He revealed that he got easily attracted to Tara and wanted things to work with her. But at last, he ended up breaking her heart. 

Henry Is A Toxic Actor 

Henry is famously known for playing Superman. He is also very popular for playing Geralt in the series The Witcher. 

However, he ended up quitting the show in eight episodes of Season 3

Henry has many fans who adore him, but it came to be known that he is one of the most toxic actors in Hollywood. 

The whole claim about Henry being toxic started when he stated Metoo movement was reluctant. 

He claimed that because of the MeToo movement, he is being hesitant to make moves and talk to women. 

After that statement from him, many people got angry and started backlashing him. 

They said that Henry’s statement was hyperbolic and the way talked about that matter was insensitive. 

After all the backlash, Henry came out to the public and apologized for being insensitive and cleared that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. 

Things started getting bad after Henry’s co-stars spoke about him being hard to work with. 

Many of his female co-stars said that he showed toxic behavior to them, and as the showrunner of The Witcher was a female, he tried to outline her. 

Not only that, Henry even tried to make changes in the show, which he was not allowed to do. 

Henry started reading the book The Witcher so that he could play his role better, but that habit caused trouble for everyone on the show. 

The writers had brought out their creativity to make the show interesting, but Henry didn’t like it, so they tried to make changes in the scene at the last moment. 

Because of that, the other actors in the show didn’t like their dialogue being changed at the last moment. 

Many of his co-actors also claimed that Henry was unprofessional as he arrived on the set late. 

Henry is into video games, and he often gets late on the show because he is busy playing games and gets distracted while working. 


His brother Henry is 39 years old. 

Net Worth

Henry's net worth is estimated to be $50 million. 

Piers Cavill with his siblings.
Piers Cavill with his siblings. Source: Netflix Junkie

Henry Talked About What He Does To Be Fit For Superman

Henry is known for portraying Superman in the DC Extended Universe. 

He had to build a proper physique in order to be suitable for the character as he plays the character of a superhero. 

In an interview, he said that he had to be in the best shape for the movie, but when he is not doing a Superman role, then he goes back to his normal regular body. 

He shared that he gains weight for the role and once it is done he loses his weight again. 

He shared that for the Superman role, he has to build more mass and make his arms bigger. 

Henry Is A Huge Fan Of Football

Henry is a big Kansas City Chief fan. Despite being born and brought up in Britain he spend most of his time in America

He said after he moved to the US he started watching a lot of American football. Eventually, he started liking it and he realized that he has to choose one team. 

He joked that if Superman would watch football then he would definitely be a Chief fan. 

He said that he has been to one game and it was an amazing experience. 

Henry Has Got Four Superman Brothers

Among five brothers Henry is the second youngest one. 

He said he is happy that he is one of the youngest as the eldest one always gets the tough game and is much more disciplined. 

He said that all his brothers are of similar size but one of his elder brothers was comparatively large and strongest of all. 

He said his big brother was so strong that he used to make fun of him saying Hulk smash every time he got furious. 

He said he was smart so he never dared to fight with them. 

Henry Likes To Do All Of His Stunts On His Own

In an interview, Henry said that he tries his best not to use a stuntman. 

He said he likes to do all of the fighting and action scenes on his own rather than depending on the stuntman. 

In the movie Witcher he didn’t use stunt man. 

He added that acting should not be confined just to the acting scenes only, rather it should also exist in action scenes. 

He said that as an actor one should experience all the aspects of acting.

Henry Built His Own Gaming Computer

Henry posted a video of him setting up his own gaming computer at his home. 

He said that he read the manuals and followed some YouTube videos to build his gaming PC. 

He said he built that on his own just for the experience. He said the whole process is about learning and research. 

He said it was terrifying as if anything goes wrong he might blow his house. 

He said at the end it was a rewarding experience for him and he can edit videos and play games. 

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