Who Is Pilar Rubia? Wife Of Sergio Ramos

by Manisha Thu Oct 20 2022 Updated On Sun Oct 23 2022
Who Is Pilar Rubia? Wife Of Sergio Ramos

Pilar Rubio is a Spanish TV presenter and reporter

Her husband, Sergio Ramos, is a professional footballer who plays for League 1 club Paris Saint-German and the national team of Spain.

Family of Pilar Rubio.
Family of Pilar Rubio. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Pilar is happily married to Sergio Ramos. They tied the knot in 2019

They were proud parents to their three children before they got married. 

After their marriage, they welcome their fourth child. Their children's names are Alejandro Ramos Rubio, Marco Ramos Rubio, Sergio Ramos Rubio, and Maximo Adriano Ramos Rubio.

Pilar Rubio with her husband, Sergio Ramos.
Pilar Rubio with her husband, Sergio Ramos. Source: Instagram


Pilar is 44 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 53 kg.

Net worth

Pilar net worth is estimated to be $10 million. She has managed to earn his fortune from his career as a Tv presenter. 

Pilar Rubio in red.   
Pilar Rubio in red. Source: Instagram

Pilar Talked About Working In Paris

Pilar was born and brought up in Spain. She has established herself personally and professionally in Madrid

She moved to Paris after her husband signed a deal with PSG. She said most of her professional work used to be in Madrid. 

It was initially challenging for her to combine her work in a completely new place. 

She said he loves her work and she will continue doing it no matter in which country she is in. 

She said she is compatible with everything and can balance her personal and professional life. 

She said it was easy to adapt to Paris as it has many things in common with her home city, Madrid

She said the people in Paris were very welcoming and humble. 

She said her family is with her, and she can spend quality time with them in such a beautiful city. 

She added Paris had become a second home to her. 

Pilar Discussed Social Media

Pilar has more than 8 million followers on her Instagram. She said that she is a public figure and was part of her work. 

She said she shares some moments on her Instagram that she finds interesting and things that are private to her she doesn't like to share with the public. 

She added even those things that are not interesting, people are very much interested to see. 

She shared that as she has already exposed herself to social media, it was her duty to manage it. 

She said she carried her mobile and made stories about the fine moments and posts on her social media handle. 

She said when she goes on vacation, she doesn't share much about her traveling because of security reasons. 

But when she goes to a concert or dinner, she likes to share it on her Instagram the day after. 

Pilar Has Written A Book

Pilar had written a book about things that should be paid attention to before and after pregnancy when she got pregnant with her first baby. 

She said she wanted to look good and be fit after delivering her child. 

She said she was scared she would ever have the body she used to have. 

So consulted with doctors, gynecologists, experts, and physiologists. 

She learned which exercises were best for her and how she could recover post-pregnancy. 

She listened to them and followed whatever they advised her to do. 

So she also wants to help other pregnant women through her experience. 

Pilar Talked About Being On The News Continuously

Pillar said she doesn't have time to read the news as she is a mother of four kids. 

She gets to know what is written about her in the news through her friends. 

She finds it very funny as well as annoying sometimes. She said people talk and give too much that the viewer starts believing them. 

She said journalism is a serious medium to voice others, and sometimes it makes her feel sad when they give the viewers false news. 

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