Who Is Pip Claflin? Son Of Sam Claflin

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Pip Clafin is the son of British actor Sam Claflin. He was born in 2015. His mother is Laura Haddock, who is also an actress.

His parents tied the knot in 2013 but ended their marriage in 2019

After the separation also, they are on good terms. He has a younger sister named Margot.

His parents kept his birth secret for six months. Finally, when he turned six months old, they revealed they had a boy six months before. 

Pip Claflin with his sister.
Pip Claflin with his sister. Source: Instagram

Is Sam Dating Anyone?

Sam is dating Los Angeles-based model Amato. They two were romantically linked with each other together in 2022 when they exchanged flirty comments on each other Instagram posts. 

The couple went to an Instagram official in September 2022. Sam shared a photo of the two sitting on a bench alongside a French flag. 

A few days after, they were spotted holding hands in London. Sam brought her in the series Daisy Jones & The Six premiere

Sam Experience On Working With Riley Keough

Sam has played in Daisy Jones and The Six miniseries and in an interview with Access Hollywood he shared his experience working on the series with his co-star Riley Keough

Firstly, Sam shared how he was feeling when the series came out. He shared that he was nervous rather than excited. He was extremely happy that the series was finally released and he was able to share it without everyone but he felt nervous. 

He then talked about her co-star Riley who played Daisy and told that it was an amazing experience working with her. 

He recalled his audition memory with Riley where he and Riley performed the couple’s scene together and were doing chemistry testing. 

During that time he was amazed by her and thought she was so perfect with the character. He shared that he and Riley had trust, love, and care for each other. 

He was very comfortable working with Riley and she also felt the same. Sam revealed that he never had a musical experience in his life and thankfully Riley also didn't have any idea about it because of that they got the chance to learn and gain musical experience together. 

Sam also opened up about his character in The Hunger Games and he feels surprised that it's been a decade since he worked in that series. It was one of the great things that happened to him. 

He joined The Hunger Games in the sequel but the cast and crew members made him feel so welcomed and treated him like he was there in that show from the very beginning.


Pip is seven years old.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $6 million

Parents of Pip Claflin.
Parents of Pip Claflin. Source: Instagram

Sam Revealed His Audition Process For Daisy Jones & The Six

In an interview, Sam revealed that his audition for the show didn’t go as well as he had imagined. 

He was asked to prepare a 1970 Rock song and knew nothing about that time's music. 

So he went through all the compilations of the 1970 music which were available on Apple music. 

He found one song and thought it would be perfect for his audition. 

He chose John Elton's song, but it was not what they sought. 

So they came with a guitar and played a tune asking him if he knew the song. He was confident and knew that song and said yes.

He said it was how his audition started, but later he learned about the music. 

Sam Learned To Sing For The Amazon Prime Series Daisy Jones & The Six

Sam is playing the role of Billy Dunne in the miniseries. His character is the singer of the 1970s rock band Daisy Jones & The Six.  

Sam never grew up singing. But he was fortunate that he got an opportunity to work in musical theatre while growing up.

Sam said it was his first time being in a recording studio and singing rock music. 

He said he had a month to prepare for the song and learn guitar, but because of the pandemic, he had more than a year to prepare for that role. 

Sam Was Mischievous While Growing Up

In an interview, Sam said that he was a mischievous teenager. 

He admitted that he was not a good kid but was a normal boy from a small town. 

He said he was quite popular in school and had a crew. When he was in high school he and his crew had a special email address. 

Will Sam Be On The Peaky Blinders?

Sam played the role of Oswald Mosley in the Black Tuesday episode in 2019

Though the show's makers confirmed that season six would be the show's last season. 

Season six aired in 2022. There is a spinoff that the show might have another season. 

When Sam was asked about it, he said he couldn’t talk about that. However, he said if the show happens, he would love to revisit his character again. 

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