Who Is Prince Adonis Amaziah ? Son Of Tyson Fury

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Who Is Prince Adonis Amaziah ? Son Of Tyson Fury

Prince Adonis Amaziah is the youngest son of British professional boxer Tyson Fury. 

His mother's name is Paris Fury. Adonis has five older siblings and a younger sibling. 

He was born in 2020 and had his birthday in May. He is an English citizen.

Family Of Prince Adonis Amaziah.
Family Of Prince Adonis Amaziah. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Tyson is currently married to his wife, Paris Fury.

The couple happily tied their knot in 2008, and they dated for a long time before getting married. 

Tyson met Paris when she was just 15 years old, and he was 17. They fell in love and started dating after some time. 

Prince Adonis Amaziah's parents Tyson Fury and Paris Fury.
Prince Adonis Amaziah's parents, Tyson Fury and Paris Fury. Source: Instagram

About Tyson's Children

Tyson has six children with his wife, Paris. 

Their first child was born in 2010, second in 2014, third in 2016, fourth in 2019, and fifth in 2020. 

Their youngest daughter was born in 2022. Tyson has named all his three sons Prince

Prince Adonis Amaziah with his mother and siblings.
Prince Adonis Amaziah with his mother and siblings. Source: Instagram


Prince Adonis was born on 28 February 2019, and his current age is three years old.

Net Worth 

His father's Tyson is $65 Million. His source of income is boxing. 

Prince Adonis Amaziah.
Prince Adonis Amaziah. Source: Instagram

No Idea About Mental Health

In one of the interviews, Tyson opened up about his mental condition. 

He said that he struggled with mental health issues throughout his life. 

Dealing with a mental health issue is not easy for anyone, and in the case of Tyson, he had no idea about mental health, although he was facing it. 

He said that he passed out after Klitschko's match. 

He won that match and gave his best but later passed out. After getting his consciousness, he felt empty. 

He has fame, money, a wife, family and everything, but still, he wakes up after passing out. He feels that he has nothing and no hope to live. 

He felt he had nothing in his life, although he wished to have everything.

Tyson Nearly Gave Up On His Career

Back in time, while Tyson was practicing for his rematch, he injured himself. 

He got a sprain in his ankle, so to fix that, he took a break from his career. 

He was on leave for three months, and during that time, he felts that he was not interested in boxing. 

He suffered from depression, leading him to think he should stop boxing. 

He was so depressed that he just stayed out of his home, partying, drinking and spending time with other women. 

During that time, Tyson even felt like ending his life. 

He did drugs, drank alcohol, and found no motivation to live and continue his career. 

It was a hard time for Tyson.

Tyson Is A Cheater 

A year back, Tyson was accused by his opponent Deontay Wilders. 

Tyson had a rematch with Deontay, which Tyson won easily, but after his victory, he was accused of cheating by Deontay. 

Deontay said that Tyson used loaded gloves. 

For that accusation, Tyson laughed, saying he was a cheater and used horseshoes in his gloves. 

He said that Deontay couldn't win against him, so he called him a cheater just because Deontay lost his match. 

Tyson confidently said if he had a match with Deontay, he would cheat again and win.

Tyson Was Born Prematurely

Tyson was born to his parents, Amber Fury and John Fury, in the UK.

His mom gave birth to him when he was not properly developed, i.e., premature.

Tyson was just 1 pound when he came to the world. 

His father was told that he would not live long as he was born prematurely

Tyson's dad named him after a boxer and said his son Tyson is a fighter who fought with his death. 

Tyson's mom gave birth to twelve children, but only four managed to live. 

His dad said he lost his two baby girls who were born prematurely, but Tyson was strong enough to survive premature birth.

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