Queston Brown- Cute Son Of Tabitha Brown

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Queston Brown- Cute Son Of Tabitha Brown

Queston Brown is the son of an American actress and social media personality, Tabitha Brown

Tabitha was born in Eden, North Carolina. She started studying fashion design but dropped out of there at the age of nineteen

She was married to a police officer named Chance Brown.

The couple welcomed two children together, a daughter Choyce Brown and a son named Queston.

His Family 

His father's name is Chance, and he was a police officer. 

His mother's name is Tabitha Brown, born on February 4, 1979, in Eden, North Carolina

His parents have been married for eighteen years.

Queston has a big sister named Choyce and a step-sister from his dad's previous relationship.

Queston with his parents
Queston with his parents  Source: Instagram 

About Mother 

Tabitha's full name is Tabitha Bonita Brown, and she grew up in Stoneville.

She started working as the co-host of a local late-night show. She moved to Los Angeles and started stand-up comedy in 2004.

She didn't get succeed in stand-up comedy and later started working at a departmental store.

After some time, she began her acting career in minor roles. She also made her appearance as a guest in many TV series.

In October 2017, she started working as a part-time actress and a Uber driver. 

After two months, she rose to fame because of her video review; the video review was of a "Whole Foods Market," her vegan BLT sandwich went viral.

Queston Brown with his mother Tabitha Brown
Queston Brown with his mother Tabitha Brown  Source: Instagram

Tik Tok Star

In March 2020, she created her Tik Tok account and started sharing Vega recipes.

She got 2 million followers in just five weeks and has almost 5 million followers on her Tik Tok account.

Tabitha sharing Vega recipes in her Tik Tok
Tabitha sharing Vega recipes in her Tik Tok  Source: Tik Tok 

She has 3.7 million followers in Instagram account and 4.8 million followers in Tik Tok account. 

With her online content videos, she has become a huge social media personality. Her fans appreciate her motivational speaking videos.

She used to post videos on Facebook before she opened a TikTok account. Her Vega recipes made her a huge social media personality. 

She has made several Tik Tok videos with her son Queston and her daughter. We can see several dancing moves of Queston in her Tik Tok videos.

Tabitha with her husband, children's and a step-daughter
Tabitha with her husband, children's and a step-daughter  Source: Instagram

Death Of Grandmother

His mother started moving between Los Angeles and North Carolina to take care of her grandmother, who had ALS. She had suffered three years from that before her death.

In 2007, his grandmother passed away. At the time of his grandmother's death, he was not born.

After her death, Tabitha started her career as an actress.

Net Worth 

His net worth is unknown, while his mother Tabitha's net worth and income source are structured below:

 Queston Brown Tabitha Brown (Mother)
Net worth Unknown $1-5 million
IncomeUnknown Actress and social media personality

Age, Height and, Weight 

  1. He was born in 2012, which makes him nine years old.
  2. His height and weight have not been disclosed. 

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