Quincy Adams Morgan

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Quincy Adams Morgan

Quincy Adams Morgan is the daughter of an American actress, TV personality, socialite, and Philanthropist, Sonja Morgan

Her father's name is John Adams Morgan. She was born in October 2000.  

She is a painter and multi-media personality. She is studying at the University of Pennsylvania now.

She is an American by her nationality. 

Parent's Relationship

Her mother, Sonja, had dated a lot of famous personalities back in time. 

She dated surgeon Paul Nassif, investor Harry Dubin, Richard Lewis, who is a comedian. 

She also dated singer Eric Clapton and many more. Though she has dated many personalities, she was unable to hold it with them.

However, Sonja had a long relationship with John Adams Morga

John is a sailor and chairman of Morgan Joseph. They met back in an Italian restaurant in the 1990s

They worked together at that time. After a certain time, they started dating each other. 

In 1998 they got married to each other. They stayed as husband and wife for eight years and then later got divorced in 2006

They have a daughter together.  

Quincy Adams Morgan with her parents'
Quincy Adams Morgan with her parents'  Source: Pinterest

About Sonja Morgan

Sonja is an American actress, TV personality, socialite, and Philanthropist born on November 25, 1963

Her birth name is Sonja Tremont later changed her surname after her marriage. 

She was born and raised by her parents in Albany, New York, in the USA

She started her career in the marketing of fashion. In 2015 she started her Fashion line. 

Sonja came to fame after she showed her appearance in The Real Housewives series

Her role-play in that series won millions of hearts, and everyone enjoyed her character. 

After that, she started appearing in many other shows. 

She also played a role in Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man in 2017.

Quincy Adams Morgan with her mother, Sonja Morgan
Quincy Adams Morgan with her mother, Sonja Morgan  Source: Instagram

Active in Social Media

Quincy is the child of a celebrity parent. Her mom is a famous TV personality and has a lot of fan following. 

Being the daughter of such a popular TV personality, people always want to know more about her. 

Quincy, on the other hand, wanted to keep her life private until she turned 20

At 20 years of age, she seems to have considered the excitement of her fans and followers to let them know more about her. 

Hence, she turned her social media public and shared many of her life moments on that social media. 

Currently, Quincy holds about 69.3k followers in her Instagram account.

Age, Height, And Weight 

Her current age is 21. She has a height of five feet and six inches tall, and her weight is 54 kg.

Net Worth

The net worth of Sonja is $8 Million. Her source of income is acting. Sonja was paid $465,000 per season. 

Mother Sonja Morgan lost control after drinking

Sonja is a beautiful lady who is popular for her show "The Real Housewives." 

She is a kind and nice lady, but she has a bad habit of drinking. She is not a regular drunker and never drinks alone. 

She also doesn't drink on any occasion. She only drinks when she is with her friend's group. 

At the time of the group tour, she got too much drunk and went out of control. 

Once in the episode of The Real Housewives, she even started a physical fight after she was drunk.

She also broke a glass fire extinguisher. 

After that incident, her friends suggested her to stop too much drink. 

She happily apologized and said that she would control her habit. 

Sonja Morgan Went Bankrupt

Sonja is a wealthy woman in current days with a net worth of 8 million dollars

She earned a lot of her money from her recent project show Rhoney.

People may see her as a settled and financially stable woman, but it was not always the same for her. 

In 2010, she went bankrupt as she had a lot of debt on her name. 

She had almost $20 million in debt. It was a huge amount of money. 

In that phase of time, she was having a tough time with her financial well-being. 

She did struggle and worked her best in many projects. Her projects went well and her financial status also improved.

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