Who Is Quinn Culkin? Sister Of Macaulay Culkin

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Who Is Quinn Culkin? Sister Of Macaulay Culkin

Quinn Culkin is the sister of actor Macaulay Culkin. She was also alongside her brother in a hit movie, Home Alone

But she didn’t pursue acting as her career. She pursued her career in the culinary business. 

Currently, she works as a catering chef for Hot and Ready Production. Quinn comes from a big family. 

She has six siblings. She was born in New York City to her parents, Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrp. She was born on 8 November 1984.

Her middle name is Kay, which is her maternal grandmother's name. 

Quinn Culkin with her siblings and sister-in-law.
Quinn Culkin with her siblings and sister-in-law. Source: Instagram

Macaulay Finally Found The Love Of His Life 

Macaulay is happily in a relationship with Disney darling Brenda Song. They met each other while working on 'Changeland'. 

After that, they were spotted having dinner in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles in 2017. The two welcomed their first child in 2021

Macaulay Culkin with his fiancee.
Macaulay Culkin with his fiancee. Source: Instagram

They kept their relationship secret, and none knew that they were dating each other. The two have been dating each other for more than four years now. 

They are engaged now and are excited about their future together. But Macaulay has never been lucky in love. 

In 1998, at the age of 17, he tied the knot to Rachel Miner, but the marriage lasted only for two years. 

After separating, he started dating actress Mila Kunis. Their romance was widely publicized even though they tried as hard as possible to keep it secret. 

They dated for nine years. Mila later revealed that she was the reason behind the breakup. She admitted that she had caused some serious pain to him

Macaulay’s Strange Middle Name Option

Macaulay gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show where he talked about his movie, website, and his middle name. 

He started the interview by talking about his movie Home Alone, which he did when he was at the age of ten

He was giving the interview at Christmas time, so he said that he gets more recognized at this time of the season. 

His old movie Home Alone is on TV every time, so when her girlfriend was going through the channel, she saw Home Alone playing and asked Macaulay to watch it with her. 

He was in the movie, so he didn’t prefer watching it, but he couldn't deny it because his girlfriend made it. 

It was really intense moment for him because he was mumbling each and every line of him. 

Jimmy then asked Macaulay about his new website and podcast, BunnyYear.com. 

Before saying anything about that, Macaulay handed over Jimmy a bunny ear headband. Macaulay had his name crafted on his ones, which was done by his girlfriend. 

He said that his podcast and website are all about the lifestyle stuff. 

After that, Macaulay said that he was planning to change his middle name and asked people to go to his website and vote for it. 

He had five options picked for his middle name, and all of them were strange and funny. 

His real name is Macaulay Carson Culkin, which sounded very Irish, so he thought of changing it legally. 

The very first option that he had was Macaulay Culkin, and if he got more votes, he would be known as Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. 

The second option was Shark Week. Third was Kieren, suggested by his brother as his name Kieren

The fourth option was The Mcrib is back, and the fifth was Publicity Stunt, suggested by his girlfriend. 

All the middle name was funny, but he said that he was very serious about it and he would keep the middle name, which gets more vote. 


Quinn is 38 years old now. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall

Net Worth

Her net worth is not known. However, her brother has a net worth of a whopping $18 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Macaulay And Michael Jackson Were Close Friends

Despite the huge age gap Macaulay and Michael shared a lovely friendship. Though many reporters said that it was a creepy and strange relationship. 

But few knew that Michael was a father figure that Macaulay never had. 

After the massive success of Home Alone, he was surrounded by paparazzi all the time. 

He has no friends who can relate to his situation at that time. Also, he had a responsibility to feed his family. 

Michael's childhood was also similar to Macaulay's. Both of them struggled from a very young age. 

Macaulay revealed that he reached out to him and treated him as a normal person. He even appeared in Michael's 1991 music video

The two were inseparable. They were going on holiday together and used to play and do pranks on each other. 

Macaulay had a childhood he never had. Michael was accused of having relationships with young kids. 

But Macaulay stood by his support and defended his friend. 

Macaulay's Father Was Abusive

Macaulay's father was a child actor, too. But he never succeeded in the industry. 

So, when he saw an opportunity to earn money from his son's stardom, he became his manager

Macaulay has no choices or freedom. His father used to decide and finalize the roles for him. 

His father was very harsh on him. In the podcast, Macaulay revealed that his dad was emotionally and physically abusive. 

He mentioned that he even has some scars to prove that. He was not only abusive to his son but also to his partner and Macaulay's mother Patricia

Patricia said that Kit punched her repeatedly when she was pregnant and threatened to throw her off the balcony. 

So, in 1997, she filed for sole custody of her kids, and she won. Ever since Macaulay has been separated from his father. 

He said that his father never felt like a father to him. 

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