Who Is Rabea Bohlke? Wife Of Robin Gosens

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Who Is Rabea Bohlke? Wife Of Robin Gosens

Rabea Bohlke is the stunning wife of Robin Gosenses

Her husband is a professional footballer who plays for Serie A club Inter Milan and the national team of Germany.

Rabea Bohlke with her husband, Robin Gosenses.
Rabea Bohlke with her husband, Robin Gosenses. Source: Instagram

How Did They Meet Each Other?

Rabea and Robin met each other when they were teenagers. 

Robin was at the beginning of his playing career, as he was not a star player then. 

They started dating each other in 2013. Rabea stuck by his side since the beginning of his early career. 

After dating for several years, Robin finally proposed to her in 2021, and they married the following year. 

The couple shares a child.

Rabea Bohlke and Robin Gosenses on their wedding day.
Rabea Bohlke and Robin Gosenses on their wedding day. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Julian, is 28 years old. He is 1.84 m tall. He weighs around 76 kg.

Net Worth

Her husband Julian's net worth is estimated to be $33 million

Rabea Bohlke with her husband, Robin Gosenses, and their baby.
Rabea Bohlke with her husband, Robin Gosenses, and their baby. Source: Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo Refused To Give His Jersey To Gosens

Robin revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo refused to give his jersey when he asked him to share his jersey with him. 

He went to watch a match where Ronaldo was playing for Juventus. He said it was his dream to add his jersey to his collection. 

After the game, he ran quickly toward him, thinking he would give the jersey, but things didn't go as planned. 

He said that when he asked for his jersey, he didn't look at him and just said no to him. He said that he was very embarrassed at that moment. 

He felt very awkward and was looking here and there to see if someone had seen him being blown off. 

He said he wanted to hide somewhere at that time. 

When his teammate Hans Hateboer got to know what happened to him with Cristiano, he couldn’t help himself from buying Cristiano's jersey for him.

Robin Expressed His Feeling After Joining Inter

Robin signed a deal with Inter Milan at the beginning of 2022.

In his first interview as Inter player, he said he was proud of himself for being a part of the biggest club in Europe.

He shared that he talked with his coach through video call.

His coach told him what the club was expecting from them, and he also shared his ideas with him. 

He added he was excited to work with him and his new teammates. 

He revealed that he talked with his former teammate Bastoni with whom he played for Atlanta, and they reunited in Inter. 

He said that talking with him made his decision easier about joining the club. 

He said he knew about the club's history, and his friend also told him about their playing style and how the club works. 

He was convinced easily. He added many German players have a player to this club, and they have made history there, and he also wanted to follow in the same footsteps, achieve big things for the club, and keep the tradition. 

Robin Said That He Was Not Born With Amazing Talent

In an interview, Robin said he was not blessed with talent, so he worked more hours than others and was much more disciplined as a player. 

He said his sacrifices to be a skilled and sensible player have paid off after many years of hard work. 

He said he was proud of himself and chased his dream with full dedication and ot great results. 

He said he could play with the biggest club in Europe because of that.

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