Who Is Rachel Demy? Wife Of Ben Gibbard

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Who Is Rachel Demy? Wife Of Ben Gibbard

Rachel Demy is the wife of Ben Gibbard, an American singer. Rachel is a photographer.

 Rachel Demy and Ben Gibbard
Rachel Demy and Ben Gibbard. Source: Pinterest

Rachel's Previous Relationship

Rachel dated Chris Walla for many years, who was also in the same band as Ben.

She and Chris Walla were together for a while before Ben and Rachel started dating. 

Chris was the pianist of the band Death Cab for Cutie, where Ben Gibbard is Lead vocalist.  

This might have caused tension between Chris and Ben, which could have been a reason for Chris leaving the band. 

Although there is no strong evidence about this alleged relationship. 

In a 2000 interview, Chris revealed his girlfriend Rachel

Rachel also appeared in a music video of Chris, and they even recorded a song together. 

This suggests that Rachel was connected to Death Cab for Cutie before she dated Ben in 2013

Rachel and Ben got married in 2016. They are together now. 

Rachel Demy with her husband, Ben Gibbard.
Rachel Demy with her husband, Ben Gibbard. Source: Facebook

Ben Combined His Two Albums To Perform On A Tour

Ben had two significant milestones: the 20th anniversary of Death Cab for Cutie’s album Transatlanticism and the album Give Up by his side project The Postal Service

Instead of separate anniversary tours, he wanted to combine them into one. 

The joint tour will feature both albums and have 31 shows, including Big venues like Madison Square Garden and Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena

Ben will perform songs from Transatlanticism with Death Cab for Cutie and All of Give Up with his collaborators Jimmy Tamborello and Jenny Lewis

This tour is special for Ben because it revisits a significant time in his career. 

He had a break from his busy schedule and used that time to create these albums. 

Give Up became a beloved cult classic, while Transatlanticism brought Death Cab for Cutie more massive popularity. 

Ben is thankful that his breakthrough with these albums happened a few years into his career after the band had faced challenges together. 

He thinks that if they had become successful quickly, they might not have been able to handle it. 

This tour is significant because it is The Postal Services' first concert in 10 years

The shows will celebrate the albums and their friendship.

Ben considers Tamborello and Lewis his best friends and is excited to spend time with them and perform songs together. 


Rachel was born in 1982. She is 41 years old as of 2023. 

Net worth

Her husband Ben's net worth is about 6 Million Dollars

Ben Gibbard with his ex-wife.
Ben Gibbard with his ex-wife. Source: Pinterest

Ben Talked About How The Song Black Sun Created

Ben talked about how the song “Black Sun” was created. 

It began with a drum loop from the drummer, and Ben added a simple pattern of two musical notes over it. 

He likes how the bass and guitars work together in his music. He usually starts with the music and lets it shape the lyrics. 

The idea for Black Sun came from a statue in Seattle and Soundgarden's song Black Hole Sun

Ben liked the concept of a dark sun connected to someone. 

A line from another song inspired him, and the lyrics of Black Sun was about the end of his first marriage from his perspective. 

At first, the song was a basic version, but the producer wanted to improve it. 

Classic Death Cab songs are often personal and emotional, which people relate to. 

Ben wanted multiple vocals, but the producer thought one strong song would be better for the lyrics. 

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