Rachel Molina

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Rachel Molina

Rachel Molina is the daughter of British-American actor Alfred Molina. Rachel's mother was Jill Gascoine

Her mother, Jill, died of cancer. She is British-American by her nationality. 

Relationship Status Of Alfred Molina

Alfred was married to Jill Gascoine, an actress. 

They met for the first time with each other while they were working on some theatrical drama. After that, they fell in love. 

In 1986, the couple got married. After a few years of their marriage, they gave birth to their daughter named Rachel Molina

Jill also had sons from her previous marriage, who Molina later adopted. They had a good relationship between them. 

They stayed in their married life for 34 years. Molina's wife Jill took her last breath in 2020 as she battled with the disease Alzheimer

After the death of his first wife, Molina got married to his girlfriend Jennifer Lee, who is a director. 

They had been dating each other since 2019. But at that time, Molina was married to Jill, so he kept an extramarital affair with Lee

They dated for some years and got married in August 2021. They are happy with each other. 

Parents of Rachel Molina
Parents of Rachel Molina  Source: Pinterest 

About Alfred Molina 

Alfred is a British-American actor who was born on 24 May1953

His full name is Alfredo Molina. He was the son of Esteban Molina and Giovanna Bonelli

He got interested in acting while he was nine years old. He had started his acting career at an early age. 

He has played in more than 200 movies. His best movies are Love Is Stranger, The Sorcerers and Dudley Do-Right

He has won many awards for his performance in movies. 

Molina lost his first wife due to disease, and now he is married to Jennifer Lee. He has 3 children. 


Rachel was born in 1980 and is currently 38 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Alfred is $8 Million. His source of income is acting. 

The yearly income of American actors is $48 580.

Rachel Molina's Mother Died Of Cancer

Rachel's mother, Jill Gascoine, is a famous actress and novelist

Rachel's mother had always suffered from clinical depression, which started early. Jill was later identified to have kidney cancer in 1997

She was identified with cancer early; hence it was soon recovered. She then had Alzheimer's disease

She didn't reveal it until 2013, when a program was organized to gather money for her treatment. 

Despite continuing regular treatment, she reached the critical stage of the disease in 2016

She was then treated by a specialist regularly at home, but unfortunately, she lost the battle with the disease and died on 28 April 2020.

Rachel Molina with her father
Rachel Molina with her father  Source: Pinterest

Alfred Molina As A Spoiler

Alfred has made his huge comeback in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home

He played a negative role in that movie. People saw Alfred's new form as Doctor Octavius

Before this, he had also played in Spider-Man 2 as Doctor Octopus.

The whole team of Spider-Man movie was told to keep their mouth shut and advised not to speak anything about the movie. 

But Alfred revealed that he was about to make a come back in that movie as a villain. He also spoke out about having his entry in that movie. 

He claimed himself as a big spoiler as he opened about something not meant to keep as a secret. He told he is a worst kept secret in Hollywood.

Badly Beaten By Officer In Jail

In 2018, Alfred was charged for driving a motorbike in a drunken state. He was arrested by a police officer and kept in jail for breaking the law. 

Then when he was in jail, he misbehaved and mocked the prison deputy. He was so drunk that he was unaware of what he was doing. 

As a result, he got beaten by the deputy police. He badly harmed him. After that, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

He was admitted for 19 days in the hospital as his body was badly injured. 

He didn't keep his mouth shut and filed a case against that deputy police. The case went into the hand of the court. 

After that, the court closed the case by paying him $625,000.  

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