Who Is Rachel Potter? Wife Of Graham Potter

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Who Is Rachel Potter? Wife Of Graham Potter

Rachel Potter is a celebrity wife. She is the wife of famous sportsman Graham Potter. 

Graham is a former sports player who is a professional football manager

Besides being a celebrity wife, Rachel is an entrepreneur.

She has raised her business from scratch with her hard work and dedication. She is a Pilates and movement coach.

Rachel Potter with her beautiful smile. Source: Rachel Potter

Marriage and Kids

Rachel fell in love with Graham many years ago. The couples dated each other for years and then got married. 

They became husband and wife officially in a private wedding ceremony. 

Rachel Potter with her husband, Graham Potter.
Rachel Potter with her husband, Graham Potter. Source: Soccer Souls

The couple has kept their marriage date private. 

After getting married, the couple is blessed with three children. All of them are sons. 

They welcomed their first baby boy, Charlie Potter, in 2010

The love birds welcomed their twin baby boys, Sam Potter, and Theo Potter, in 2014

Rachel and Graham love to keep their lives private. 

They are enjoying their parenthood and living their beautiful private life.

Rachel Potter's husband, Graham Potter with their three children.
Rachel Potter's husband, Graham Potter with their three children. Source: Rachel Potter


Rachel was born on February 22, 1977. She is 45 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Net Worth

Rachel is a businesswoman with a good income but her net worth is unknown. 

Her husband Graham has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Rachel Potter's husband, Graham Potter.
Rachel Potter's husband, Graham Potter. Source: Pinterest

Journey As a Successful Businesswoman

Rachel was always a creative person who wanted to do something independently. 

She wanted to build up something and be proud of herself. 

She wanted to launch a product in the field of beauty which would help women to solve their problems. 

She is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman who started her pilates studio.

She has a Pilates studio business, which she originally started in New York

Afterward, when she shifted from the USA to Sweden, she had to start her business again.

When Rachel started the business Pilates studio, people in Sweden had no idea about pilates.

Rachel was worried at first after acknowledging the fact, but afterward, she luckily handled everything and managed to grow her business a couple of months after starting the business.

Graham Talks About His Coach Career

In an interview with Sky Sports, Graham talks about his football manager journey started when he realized that his playing career would be over soon. 

He says he always wanted to be part of a football team and use his experience playing football for so many years in something new, so he accidentally became a football manager.

He ended up being a football coach at the University of Hull

At first, it was a very new but know experience for him, but slowly he realized that he was good at doing it and could do a lot better than what he was doing. 

He said he practiced a lot and worked hard for everything, and day by day, he became the best version of himself.

Graham Has Done Master's In Emotional Intelligence

Graham is the only person who has done a Master's in Emotional Intelligence as a football manager. 

When asked why he did that, he said emotional intelligence is a leadership qualification which seemed very interesting to him.

He said he had some time before becoming a coach and wanted to do something new. 

He shares his experience in the classroom where all the people were of military or surgeon backgrounds.

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