Raddix Madden

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Raddix Madden is the daughter of American musician, singer, songwriter and producer Benji Madden

Her mother's name is Cameron Diaz, who is an actress. Raddix was born through surrogacy. She is American by her nationality.  

Relationship Status Of Benji Madden

Benji was in a relationship with Sophie Monk previously. They dated in 2008 and were also engaged to each other. 

But later broke up with each other. Benji then dated singer Eliza Doolittle

They both stayed as a couple for 2 years and later ended their relationship. 

After breaking up with Eliza, Benji was caught kissing Miley Cyrus at a party. 

Their relationship was not confirmed as none of them opened up about it. 

As of 2021, he is married to Cameron Diaz. Cameron is an actress. They both met each other in 2014

Benji's sister-in-law introduced them. After that they started dating. They got engaged together, but none of them officially announced it. A year after getting engaged with each other, they got married.  

After 4 years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first baby and named her Raddix Madden

Parents of Raddix Madden
Parents of Raddix Madden  Source: Instagram 

About Benji Madden

Benji's full name is Benjamin Levi Madden. He is an American musician, songwriter, producer, and singer born on 11 March 1979

He is the son of Robin Madden and Roger Combs. He has a twin brother named Joel Madden

His parents raised him with his sister and brothers. 

At the starting of his career, he first worked with his twin brother and created their band. 

He and his twin brother named their band Good Charlotte, and he is the lead guitarist and back vocalist of that band. 

He is married to Cameron and has a daughter with her.


Raddix was born on 30 December 2019 and she will celebrate her second birthday on 30 December 2021.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Benji is $40 Million. His source of income comes as being a musician, singer, producer and songwriter

His band Good Charlotte's net worth is estimated to be $14 Million.

Benji with his twin brother
Benji with his twin brother  Source: Instagram

Raddix Madden's Birth Brought Happiness

Cameron and Benji welcomed their beloved daughter in 2020. 

The birth of Raddix made Benji and Cameron very happy as they always wanted a baby. 

She is a cute little angel that her parents are protective of, so no picture is revealed of her yet. Well, her name also stands for happy. 

"Radek" means happy, and modifying it made the name Raddix

Benji Madden Saved His Wife

In 2015, Benji and his wife Cameron were out on Saturday night. They were heading to their car. It was a rainy night there in Los Angeles

Benji's wife was just about to get into the car when she slipped on a slippery sidewalk. 

She was about to fall off as her heels slipped, but fortunately, Benji caught her and saved her from falling. 

He saved his wife from getting injured and saved their date night.

Benji's Sister And Father Arrested

Benji's father had gone through rehab due to his alcoholism. He was recovering from his habits and was far away from alcohol after his rehab experience. 

But in 2012, Benji's father was found sleeping in a car in a drunken state. 

Police found that his legs were on the brake and his car was still running. 

He admitted that he had drank too much alcohol and didn't realize that he had fallen asleep. 

He was then made to pay fine. Not only him but police also arrested Benji's sister. 

She was not in proper state due to her PTSD medicine and had her two children in the car. She was not in stable condition to drive a car and also there were children present. So she got arrested.

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