Rafael Vergara- Murder Of Sofia Vergara Brother

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Rafael Vergara- Murder Of Sofia Vergara Brother

Rafael Vergara was the older brother of Sofia Vergara, a Colombian- American actress, television producer, presenter, and model. 

About Family

His father's name is Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo, a cattle rancher in the meat industry, and his mother's name is Margarita Vergara Davila de Vergara, a housemaker.

Rafael Vergara mother Margarita Vergara and sister Sofia Vergara
Rafael Vergara's mother Margarita Vergara and sister Sofia Vergara  Source: Instagram

He had four siblings, Julio Vergara, Veronica Vergara, Sandra Vergara, and Sofia Vergara.

Married and Children

Rafael married Claudia Renteria. They have a beautiful daughter Claudia Daniela Vergara

Rafael Vergara wife Claudia Renteria an daughter Claudia Daniela Vergara
Rafael Vergara's wife Claudia Renteria and daughter Claudia Daniela Vergara  Source: Instagram

Claudia Vergara lives in Los Angeles with her mother. She loves fashion. 

She is co-founder of the Apparel brand "Violetta Rose." She is also a role model and mentor in Oscar de la Renta.

Rafael Vergara daughter Claudia Daniela Vergara
Rafael Vergara's daughter Claudia Daniela Vergara. Source: Instagram

About his sister Sofia Vergara

The full name of Sofia Vergara is Sofia Margarita Vergara, and she was born on July 10, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia

She is 48 years old. She is from Roman Catholic Colombia. 

She is a famous actress, television producer, presenter, and model. 

She attended the National University of Colombia for education, but she left the college two semesters before graduation. 

She left college for modeling and show business.

She entered as a model in the field of acting. She was noticed by a photographer when she was walking on the beach of Colombia

After that, she was offered by the same photographer for modeling. She works for Pepsi Commercial Aired in Latin America as a model at 17 years old. 

Later on, she went to a creative workshop on acting for training.

She was seen in the Farrelly brother's comedy 'The Three Stooges' in a leading role in July 2011

She has the role of a mean woman who has to manipulate the Three stooges to kill her husband. She has to do that for money.

Later on, she seems on Vergara's, her son's YouTube channel, in the Vida Con Toty web series.

 In 2012 she was known as the highest-earning woman in United States television. 

The news came as she earned $19 million per year. She was also listed in the Top 50 most beautiful people in the USA. 

Sister Married Life

Sofia was married to her high school boyfriend, Joe Gonzalez, at 18 years. He is an American actor and comedian.

They have a son named Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, born on September 16, 1991. He is 29 years old. 

He is an actor and director and is well known for movie and TV shows such as Guilty party, Destined to Ride, Vandal, and The Big Feed

Joe Gonzalez and Sofia separated in 1993.

After her divorce, she got engaged to Nick Loeb, New Yorker and Flim production Company Co-Owner, but they decided to separate in May 2014.

In 2015, she got married to Joe Manganiello, an American actor.

Rafael Vergara sister Sofia Vergara and brother-in-law Joe Manganiello
Rafael Vergara sister Sofia Vergara and brother-in-law Joe Manganiello  Source: Instagram

Death of Rafael Vergara

Rafael was murdered in 1998 in the street of Bogota, Colombia. He was just 26 years old when he was murdered. 

Vergara was from a well-settled family. He had a bodyguard with him all time, except that day when he was murdered. 

In 1994, he was kidnapped, but a kidnapper left him with a high ransom amount. 

But in 1998, a kidnapper again tried to kidnap him, but that time, Rafael fought against the kidnapper while a gunshot him. 

Coconut Oiling in the absence of Husband 

Sofia Vergara gave an interview to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where she talked about what she does when her husband is not around. 

The interviewer asked Sofia about her skin care secret and told that he had heard from somewhere that Sofia covers her whole body with coconut oil and then wraps herself in plastics. 

It sounded really weird but the interviewer wanted to know if it was true of not. 

Sofia said it sounded absurd to hear that from the interviewer's mouth. She said that it could sound more sensible if women said the same thing.

Sofia said she was not wrapping her body in plastics and told that it is just a way of keeping her whole body moisturized in natural way. 

It is free of chemicals and benefits the overall body. She said that coconut oil has many good things and can be used in hair, face, eyelashes, and everywhere.

She opened up that she doesn't wrap herself in plastics. She keeps her whole body covered with her night pajamas and socks. 

After doing that she wakes up in the morning with all fresh plump skin. She doesn't do those things when her husband is at home. 

She only does it when her husband Joey is away from home because she doesn't want her husband to feel as if he was sleeping with a slippery snake so she does all oiling thing in absence of her husband. 

The wrapping thing about her is not true at all. 

Sofia then opened up about owning an underwear company and said she collaborated with Bernettetta Blac. They both started their company together on a partner ship and sold underwear. 

Sofia told that her company gives 10% advantage to women who wants to be employed and earn their livelihood by their own. 

Sofia Wants Women To Not Flirt With Her Man 

Sofia gave an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where she talked about her man and wedding. 

While giving that interview, she was not married, but she had been engaged to Joe. She showed the engagement ring to everyone, and it was a pretty big ring. 

She said that she had her engagement in Hawaii before X-mas. She added that she got a ring as well as a Christmas gift. Jimmy said that it would be hard for him if he had to buy a gift for Sofia

Sofia said that her man knows what she deserves, and that's why she got that big ring in her engagement. 

Her partner Joe is very handsome, and Jimmy praised him and asked Sofia about her experience of dating such a handsome guy. 

She opened that she told her partner that he was very handsome when they met and she thought it would be hard to work with a handsome man, but now she feels grateful for having Joe in her life. 

She revealed that she knows how hard it is to date a handsome guy, and after that, she thought of being with a normal person. 

Girls keep throwing themself up on her man, and Sofia said that girls don't care about anything. She also said about guys throwing up on her. 

After hearing that, Jimmy wanted to know if the guys flirted with Sofia. She replied, saying that no one flirted with her when Joe was around. 

Her partner is 6'5, and he looks very strong, so no one dares to flirt with her. Jimmy agreed and said that he noticed Joe's pectoral moving. 

Sofia sarcastically asked Jimmy why he was looking at Joe's muscle movement. After that, Sofia opened up about her wedding planning and revealed that she wanted to have a private wedding. 

As Sofia and Joe's relationship was airing a lot, it became hard for Sofia to keep their wedding private. She is very excited about her wedding and planned to invite 400 people to their wedding.

Net worth 

Rafael is no more with us so, the net worth is unknown. But the net worth of Sofia is mention below:

Sofia $200 million in 2021

Age, Weight, and Height

  1. He was born in 1971.
  2. His full name is Rafael Jose Vergara.

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